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Zodiac Bad Omens

Over the years, old wives’ tales and superstitions have survived centuries, some with unknown origins and some well-documented. Many of us have heard of bad omens since childhood, such as stepping on a crack in the sidewalk. Zodiac signs have individual bad omens you may want to carefully avoid, sidetracking a bad luck streak.

Aries: That coin you spy while taking a walk, do you pick it up? Don’t be too quick. Tails facing down, the old adage applies, Pick it up and all day long you’ll have good luck. If it’s tails up, walk on by; it is considered associated with losing money.

Taurus: Friday the 13th, the harbinger of chaos, is best avoided. The stability you desire is marred by planetary unrest and can ruin plans. Don’t start new projects, and don’t schedule anything of importance on that day.

Gemini: Walking under a ladder is incredibly bad luck. This zodiac sign cannot reverse this bad omen. It can’t even be negated by walking backward or crossing your fingers. Avoiding ladders is the only solution.

Cancer: Step on a crack, and you’ll break your mother’s back. Maybe not literally, but avoid those cracks. Once thought to be passageways to the underworld, or to symbolize a broken heart, these fissures in the pavement can ruin your luck.

Leo: Although you can’t resist admiring your reflection in a mirror, be careful the mirror is not cracked. A broken mirror can harm the aura surrounding you, allowing lousy luck to come your way.

Virgo: Boots on a table. Whether directly, in a box, or a shopping bag, don’t put them on a table. This will signify an eminent nasty quarrel with your best friend or loved one, so keep shoes on the floor.

Libra: That cute fluffy black cat walking in front of your path is definitely bad luck, wreaking considerable havoc on your love life. Their black color is capable of draining your energy, too.

Scorpio: Sharp objects, especially scissors, are bad luck for Scorpio. Playing with scissors can cause health issues. Don’t leave them open, or rush to pick them up when dropped, consider the day as lost, and ask someone else to retrieve them.

Sagittarius: Tasty salt makes food taste better, especially to Sagittarius.
Spilling it, however, can be the prelude to a string of bad luck. It doesn’t work to toss a little over your shoulder. Avoid the evil by not spilling it, and by consuming less sodium that affects your vital energy.

Capricorn: Don’t leave your purse or wallet on the floor. This evil omen is best explained as you showing disregard for your financial status. Your energy can be damaged, hasty decisions made, and monetary challenges arrive.

Aquarius: Bad luck arrives in threes for you. If your day is a constant disappointment, you’re better off putting aside important things and calling it a day. However, if it is your birthday, blow out your candles in one breath, warding off bad luck.

Pisces: Intuitive dream symbols can reveal essential projections. Some should never be ignored. Being scared while falling predicts a failure, and dreaming of being chased or bad roads can signify having a rough time achieving goals.