Scorpio Traits

Strengths: intuitive, mysterious, fearless, eloquent, compassionate, emotional, observant, determined

Weaknesses: vindictive, jealous, paranoid, sarcastic, intolerant, possessive, ruthless, suspicious

Likes: truth, facts, being right, teasing, mysteries, psychology, challenges, long-time friends

Dislikes: dishonesty, revealing secrets, passive people, fearfulness, deceit, mind games,

Sign Characteristics

The sign of Scorpio belongs to the element of Water, along with Pisces and Cancer, who live to experience and express emotions. Like these signs, Scorpio have an extremely good imagination and strong intuition. Unlike the other water signs, Scorpio have a venomous sting. Life is a game for Scorpio. They are great strategists, sometimes manipulative. They make calculated moves, waiting to strike when least expected. Normally no harm is meant, Scorpio knows what they want and will work long and hard to achieve it. They may be secretive, their emotions hiding beneath the surface, and guard their privacy zealously. They are not quick to reveal too much about themselves, afraid that this could cause them to lose some of their power and make them subservient. Scorpio can seem to be intimidating, they love a good fight, but on the inside, they are emotional and vulnerable.

The ruling planet Mars gives them warrior-like characteristics, but Scorpio is more patient behind this shield of power. Scorpio can use profound concentration and determination to see things through to completion. The planet Pluto’s theme of power, with an aura of mystery and darkness, can be revealed in Scorpio. They can be fearless trying new things, challenging themselves with the unknown. Scorpio are intelligent, ambitious, curious, and ready to learn. Their independence makes them work very well alone, and their reputation of being brave has other signs admire t and look up to them for inspiration, and leadership.

Scorpio are not followers. They can be misunderstood appearing to be cold and intimidating. Emotions drive them, and their intensity can wrongly be perceived as anger. Guarded by their intuitions, they rarely allow themselves to become hurt. This intensity can be harmful to the, making them vulnerable, out of control, causing them to put on an outer shell to intimidate and protect. Scorpio hate dishonesty and can be very jealous and suspicious. They may be prone to brood, be depressed, out of touch with reality, becoming pessimistic and paranoid. They try too hard to appear tough, seeming like they are uncaring, and by that action, cut themselves off from others. They are very sensitive, and I slighted, can hold a grudge until they can retaliate.

Friendships and Family

Scorpio have a compelling, magnetic personality, their mystery drawing others to them. Scorpio can be thrill-seekers and take risks, not always in their self-interest. They can maintain their psychic health with meditation and breathing exercises. As a child, their rebellious nature can be softened with an outlet of martial arts. They attract many followers but few close friends. These friends once trusted, will be kept for life. Scorpio can be brutally honest, and their advice may not be what you want to hear, but their intention is only to inform. They are full of surprises, fun and witty. Don’t let them down though, because the relationship will be ruined. Scorpio passionately bonds with those they love. Scorpio craves physical closeness, and are at their best when connected in a deep soulful relationship. Their empathy and commitment can be truly magical.

ColorScarlet, red, rust
RulerPluto, Mars
Greatest Overall CompatibilityTaurus, Cancer
Lucky Numbers8, 11, 18, 22
Date RangeOctober 23 – November 21
Scorpio Astrological Traits