Leo Traits

Strengths: creative, passionate, optimistic, generous, warm-hearted, humorous, cheerful

Weaknesses: arrogant, inflexible, stubborn, self-centered, lazy, fussy, blunt

Likes: theater, being admired, expensive things, bright colors, taking risks, flattery, giving advice

Dislikes: being ignored, facing difficult reality, boredom, taking orders, pettiness, being dependent.

Sign Characteristics

The Leo sign belongs to the element of Fire, along with Aires and Sagittarius, making them warm-hearted, and able to have a good time while enjoying life. They are bold and courageous, natural leaders if the Zodiac. Leo are proud of the traits they possess, not modest, and often praise themselves for their achievements. They are not afraid of the hard work necessary to be respected and admired, to be a leader. There is strength in Leo, the Lion. Dramatic and self-confident, able to achieve what they start to accomplish. Center stage is where you will find them and their endeavors, often creative, can be fun for themselves and others. They are super talented, and artistic means allow them to shine. Their warmth makes fun to be around.

Being the center of attention is the place to be for Leo. They worship and are ruled by the Sun and they love to bask in the spotlight. Leo are fearless optimists, courageous leaders, not willing to fail. They have radiant personalities and thrive on social interactions. Always wanting to make an impression, they are adept at maintaining an aura of influence, warmth, and happiness around them. Likable, entertaining, and out-going, Leo are a force to be reckoned with and respected. Their passion and drive are always at their very best while they approach life with gusto.

Friendships and Family

Leo’s weakness lies within their strength. They are passionate and fixed in their principles and opinions. Great pride makes it difficult for them to admit when they are wrong. They can be egotistical, ruthless, and too self-centered. They can be blind to other’s points of view. Leo needs to be aware of those supportive of them. Leo is a performer and can be dependent upon the reassurance from others. Too much attention centered upon themselves and they can unconsciously overlook the people they need. Generally, they are very generous, and kind, listened to others, sometimes patronizingly, but politely. They love it when others depend on them, wanting to help the weak and needy, ready to carry the load alone. But their ego can sometimes get in the way. They can be fragile because they expect the best from everyone and may not always receive the admiration they need. They can bear this disappointment with strict dignity, adjust, and stand up and shine. Like the Sun, they are consistent, stable, and loyal.

Leo’s greatest gift is that of a giving nature. They have a boundless capacity for love and generosity. They are dedicated friends and lovers putting their hearts into a serious relationship. Leo would gladly give the shirt off their back to those in need. A Leo in love may tend to flirt and a partner needs to be able to adapt to this. Leo is fun, loyal and respectful and needs a partner who is on an equal intellectual level. Leo tend to be independent at an early age but still remain aware of family and ancestry and will protect their loved ones. When Leo chooses you to share their life with, you can be assured that their invitation is genuine.

ColorGold, yellow, orange
Greatest Overall CompatibilityAquarius, Sagittarius
Lucky Numbers1, 3, 10, 19
Date RangeJuly 23 – August 22
Leo Astrological Traits