Reflexology Is More Than Just A Massage

If you’ve ever had a good foot massage, you know how much it can relax your body and mind. The main reason why this happens can be explained by reflexology. This exercise is about exerting pressure on specific points in the lower part of the foot, and often also on the palms and ears, to reduce tension, pain and other unpleasant feelings.

Reflexology, rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, is one of the traditional Chinese medicine practices, a healing system with a thousand years. According to its principles, the energy of Qi flows into each of us. When we are under stress or are exposed to negative emotions, Qi is blocked in some places, causing health complications.

Fortunately, it is possible to remove these blockages with reflexology. There are points on our feet, and each of them is connected to a different body part. With their compression, the release of blocked energy occurs, which solves the problem, whether it is the movement device, the psyche, or an internal organ.

What are the most common problems that reflexology solves? We live in a chaotic era where information is spreading faster than ever. That is why many of us naturally feel pressured into various aspects of our lives, be it work, health, or relationships. It’s no wonder that stress is the main reason why people turn to reflexology. These feelings are mainly associated with solar braid. The associated reflex point is in the middle between the joints under the thumb and the pink.

However, stress is not only mentally expressed. In the long run, it can also manifest itself physically in the form of headaches and migraines. Your head is just so loaded that your body tries to stop the thought processes in the only way it knows – pain. You can relieve migraines by pushing from the top of the foot to the point in the well between the bones of the thumb and forefinger.

However, health complications do not only have to be stress-related. The number of people with digestive problems is huge; therefore, reflexology has many fans in this area. If you want to ease your stomach, press the arch’s inner part, about two-thirds of the heel. To stimulate the small intestine, move lower to the center of the arch, while the tip of the large intestine is in the upper part of the heel.

Many problems can be addressed through reflexology. If you want a home therapy, look for a reflexology card that will help you find the right places and improve your health and overall quality of life.