Sagittarius Traits

Strengths: optimistic, intellectual, enthusiastic, versatile, hilarious, honest, moral, storyteller, open-minded

Weaknesses: gluttonous, lazy, restless, irresponsible, tactless, gets bored easily, blunt, blindly optimistic

Likes: freedom, travel, dangerous activities, animals, speculation, philosophy, being outdoors

Dislikes: clingy people, deception, sitting still, being pushed around, being insulted, details, confinement

Sign Characteristics

The sign of Sagittarius belongs to the element of Fire, along with Leo and Aires, causing the need to be constantly in touch with the world to experience all there is to offer. This fire gives the affinity for enthusiasm, truth, authority, and honesty. Fire signs are all about energy, action, and motivation. The Archer is on an endless quest for knowledge through intellectual and spiritual journeys. The planet Jupiter rules Sagittarius giving them enthusiasm, a great sense of humor, and intense curiosity. Sagittarius are often referred to as the seekers of the Zodiac, desiring to expand their minds, seeking the new and unknown. They are driven by wanderlust and can be found traveling all over the world. These expeditions create excellent backgrounds for the storytelling Sagittarius, and with their added sense of humor, can make for very entertaining tales. Sagittarius are born to explore and it is critical to have this freedom to wander, not accepting boundaries, and encouraging others to join them in mind-opening, inspirational journeys.

Sagittarius are independent and strong-willed, not afraid to suddenly go off on their own, exploring the physical world, or the inner workings of their minds. They can be found as teachers, philosophers, or spiritual leaders. They love to learn and often can be found to take and acquire multiple degrees of higher education. Sagittarius have happy jovial dispositions and prefer to look at the bright side of life. They are confident, rarely doubtful, and push onward believing that “this too shall pass” and all will work out in the end. Personal integrity is important to Sagittarius. They will stand behind a cause they feel is correct, but cannot become involved in something they believe to be false or inauthentic. You always know where you stand with Sagittarius. They are friendly people, lovers of humanity, who want and enjoy lifting people from the mundane world. Being good listeners, they help and inspire others to be there best.

One flaw of Sagittarius can be seen as arrogance. They may be overconfident in themselves and can appear to look down on others as if they are less intelligent, inferior. Sagittarius knows a lot but they do not know everything. They can be unpredictable with a tendency to lack self-control. Easily bored and fickle, they may change their minds quickly, leaving you wondering. Long-term projects often suffer under Sagittarius, becoming ambitious ideas with too many details, put aside for a new interest. Their bold, authoritarian way of speaking may seem too condescending, their short-temper and brutal honesty, too unfair and abrupt. The tendency to overdo, whether in food and drink or speculation, can be a problem. Sagittarius need to harness their impulsive ways.

Friendships and Family

Sagittarius are generous and open-hearted. They are gregarious, fun-loving friends. When something comes along that is culturally or intellectually interesting, even a little strange, Sagittarius is willing to give it a try. They will always come back home, to their roots. Their sense of humor easily attracts and entertains friends. Their infectious laughter is magnetic. They are steadfast friends. As a parent, they emphasize education. As a partner, they need someone who can keep up with them and give the space and freedom that Sagittarius need. They can be incredible, loyal, and passionate lovers. Sagittarius live in the present, are smart, capable, and true trailblazers.

Greatest Overall CompatibilityGemini, Aries
Lucky Numbers3, 7, 9, 12, 21
Date RangeNovember 22 – December 21
Sagittarius Astrological Traits