Gemini Traits

Strengths: caring, kind, affectionate, fun, inquisitive, versatile, easy-going, quick minded and bright

Weaknesses: nervous, fidgety, fickle, impulsive and indecisive

Likes: books, music, exploration, having fun, talking and being listened to

Dislikes: complaints, routine, repetition, being confined and defeat

Sign Characteristics

The Gemini sign belongs to the element of air, along with the signs of Libra and Aquarius, thus connecting it to all aspects of the mind. Like its ruler, Mercury, communication is vitality important. Gemini are intelligent and articulate. They are always eager to learn and like being engaged in the world around them, always keeping their eyes open for some novel idea or piece of information that they can decipher. The twins, however, represent two different personalities. They are gregarious and talkative, although sometimes relishing a bit too much in a juicy bit of gossip. Don’t tell them your inner most secrets unless you can accept them becoming public at the whim of a Gemini. They also can have a tendency to become overly intellectual, skimming the surface of discovery and not learning one subject in-depth. They produce an encyclopedia of much and a complete book of little.

Quick-witted and playful, Gemini are fun to have in your group and can always keep the party going. They are rarely bored and look at life with a glass half-full attitude, full of optimism, looking at the brighter side of life. They like attention and like to lead. They will quickly join an impromptu adventure. This plan might sound crazy but it is certain to deliver loads of fun. Gemini are social beings and like being the center of attention, having people look to them for enlightenment. Although they seem to be the life of the party, they also have a deep emotional side that needs to be nurtured. They recharge by being alone, reading and creating. This act of turning their attention inward can be the inspiration for great thinkers, artists, teachers and motivators, bringing their solitary daydreams into reality. They can easily become immersed in conversation about the meaning of life.

Friendships and Family

Gemini hold family in high regard and are amazing friends. They will have your back and defend you at all means. Popularity comes to them. They have an ease of getting along with others. Once in your life, they are loyal, but on the other hand, they might be flighty and irresponsible. They mean no harm; they just do not like to be bothered by the details. Getting to the point in a relationship where things are serious can be difficult. Gemini love to flirt and date. They may encounter numerous individuals, drifting from one partner to the next, before finding a mate. Verbal communication is as essential as the physical part of a relationship. Gemini are perfect if you want to have a fling. They are passionate and adventurous. An interested partner must be patient and understanding because Gemini may take a while to settle down. Once that right person gets their attention and can match their intellect, energy, and have a thirst for variety, passion and excitement in life, a Gemini will be steadfast and loyal.

Element Air
Quality Mutable
Color Light-green, Yellow
Day Wednesday
Ruler Mercury
Greatest Overall Compatibility Sagittarius, Aquarius
Lucky Numbers 5, 7, 14, 23
Date Range May 21 – June 20
Gemini Astrological Traits