Virgo Traits

Strengths: efficient, mental agility, observant, meticulous, sophisticated, kind, graceful, smart, careful

Weaknesses: picky, critical, irritable, secretive, skeptical, short-tempered

Likes: childhood friends, laptops, being helpful, being social, outdoor concerts, working towards a goal

Dislikes: lazy people, dive bars, leaving home, crowds, procrastinators, hasty decisions, disorganization

Sign Characteristics

The Virgo sign belongs to the element of Earth, along with Taurus and Capricorn, making them practical, conservative, and well organized. They have definite goals that stay fixed on the big picture in their minds, even when their world is in turmoil. They are great planners in all aspects of their lives, from vacations to just what needs to be planned for the day. This makes them feel in control and secure. Virgo can be picky and critical but their attention to detail is essential to helping others, exactly what Virgo strives to do. Virgo are meant to serve, more than any other sign of the Zodiac. Their sense of duty is strong and their efficiency is vital to work for the greater good. They easily decide what is needed and what is not, in order to address a problem. Virgo are logical and systematic in their approach to life. They like to look before they leap. They are honest and forthright in their belief in hard work and high standards. They have a natural affinity for negotiation. Being hyper-aware of each detail, Virgo is a perfectionist at heart.

Virgo are ruled by the planet Mercury, causing them to organize information into clear concepts. Mercury gives them a well-developed sense of speech, making communication more precise. They are often thought of as walking encyclopedias, and have a voracious appetite for books. Earth signs, like Virgo, are highly practical, responsible, and committed. Being connected to Earth and nature gives them the innate desire to preserve, conserve, and replenish. They seek good in everything, are curious, and passionate about discovering why things are the way they are. Virgo have charming wit, and can quickly put others at ease. Virgo encourages others to be the best that they can be. A good imagination leads them to become writers, artists, and musicians.

Seeking goodness in mankind can inevitably lead to disappointment. Virgo’s desire to have everything perfect can be a frustration. When things do not live up to their expectations, worry, anxiety, and insomnia can be the result. Chasing the ideal can be destructive, and Virgo are often too hard on themselves, the perfectionist not knowing when to quit. Virgo needs to learn to relax and enjoy life. Strong emotions are uncomfortable for Virgo, and they may be viewed as being cold when they are only masking their emotion. They may expect too much by setting the standards too high, and when disappointed, pull away from others. These high standards can be hard for them to apply to themselves, causing stress, and keeping them from taking risks, or leading to procrastination.

Friendships and Family

An intimate friendship may take some time to establish with Virgo, is earned by good deeds, and then becomes a life-long friendship. Virgo are dedicated to their family, attentive to the elderly, and the sick. They value tradition and are proud of their heritage. They are kind, helpful, useful, and supportive friends. Virgos want to help others reach their highest levels of achievement. They make excellent teachers, healers, and listeners. Virgo can be slow to fall in love, and finding their ideal partner can be difficult. They may even prefer to be alone, waiting for the perfect match. Once found, Virgo falls in love for life, and is a very loving and loyal companion.

Element Earth
Quality Mutable
Color Gray, beige, pale yellow
Day Wednesday
Ruler Mercury
Greatest Overall CompatibilityPisces, Cancer
Lucky Numbers5, 14, 15, 23, 42
Date RangeAugust 23 – September 22
Virgo Astrological Traits