Cancer Traits

Strengths: nurturing, gentle, sympathetic, compassionate, imaginative, giving, supportive, healing

Weaknesses: pessimistic. suspicious, manipulative, insecure, dependent, indirect, moody

Likes: protecting, nurturing, hosting, being appreciated, money, home

Dislikes: cruelty, insecurity, being alone, negative thinking, discussing their personal life

Sign Characteristics

The sign of Cancer belongs to the element of Water, along with Scorpio and Pisces, making them guided by emotion. They are ruled by the Moon causing internal mysteries and emotions they cannot control. Moodiness can be the result. Cancer can be the hardest of the Zodiac to get to know because of their sensitivity and emotions. Cancer needs to be needed. They need to feel they are loved and secure; it is hard for them to accomplish things if they do not feel comfortable and safe. Their homes are their refuge and often are cozy and welcoming. They enjoy taking others into this serene and harmonious atmosphere in their own home.

Often thought to be the most protective and nurturing sign of the Zodiac, Cancer can sense what others feel and need. Their compassion and unconditional love allow them to see the world through your eyes. They are very understanding and quick to trust. They are the sign that other signs come to seek comfort when times are rough, and in times of grief because they know that Cancer will lovingly listen. Because of their empathy, people open up to Cancer easily. People often feel like they have known Cancer when they first meet, making it easier to go to them for help. Cancer happily shares their love, their aid, and even their possessions when you trust them with your inner feelings. Cancer can be overly protective sometimes and this can lead to being fearful, reclusive, and afraid of entering the world around them. As a child, they need to be nurtured with patience and understanding. If lacking in this type of environment, they can become selfish and manipulative as an adult. They may lash out when they feel insecure. Giving of themselves can leave them carrying another’s problems on their shoulders. Cancer can be vulnerable and need to protect themselves from being injured. They do not like giving away too much of themselves and may communicate indirectly. Moodiness is a result when their needs are not met. Contrastingly, their intuitive nature allows them to be aware of other’s pain and suffering. This combination can lead to a codependence with another. Cancer can also be hurt when they feel their help is unappreciated or they are left alone with their own needs unaddressed. Their caring nature can sometimes be seen as bossy or smothering which can also cause a problem. Like the Crab, Cancer develops a hard shell for protection. Inside this shell they can be mysterious, hiding their feelings, allowing better managing of their actions.

Friendships and Family

Emotions rule in relationships with Cancer. They can be hard to understand rationally. They need to be sure of sharing their feelings in order to enter a close relationship. Family is most important to Cancer. They are the ones to value and preserve family customs, traditions, history, and memories for future generations. They are wonderful parents. Those who may be lacking in a strong family background may even create a new “family” to establish the closeness they desire and need. Once accepted into their life, Cancer will always be your friend. Once in love, Cancer will take the relationship very seriously. They are committed and extremely loyal. Their partner must be understanding and reliable.

DayMonday, Thursday
Greatest Overall CompatibilityCapricorn, Taurus
Lucky Numbers2, 3, 15, 20
Date RangeJune 21 – July 22
Cancer Astrological Traits