Today’s Cancer Horoscope

May 25


Living vicariously through someone else is certainly much safer than going out and taking risks of your own

However, Moonchild, it isn't nearly as thrilling or rewarding

In some areas of your life, you have been pleasantly surveying the successes or the adventures of someone else

While it may add some entertainment to your world, it offers you just a tiny fraction of what you could have for yourself

Instead of simply gaining satisfaction from someone else's experiences, try drawing inspiration from yourself and venture beyond your usual boundaries

9 Replies to “Today’s Cancer Horoscope”

  1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For the link to Yesterday’s Horoscope and back to Today’s Horoscope. I LOVE IT!!

  2. Yeasss!! Speaking directly to me and my husband. We compliment each other so well but handle things so differently which can sometimes cause misubdestanding. We have been learning to meet each other in the middle.

  3. The person who writes these things obviously has known me all my life. It’s as if they are peaking into my brain.