With the New Year come new beginnings, changes, and astrological predictions. The predictions for 2022 are looking better for some signs than others. One sign, in particular, is for more growth, which is changing this year. This year’s cosmic changes, both good and bad, will propel that sign toward change.

They will end the year in a place that is not recognizably different from where they started, so long as they accept that opportunity and see where it takes them. Let us see if you are the signing in question! For some custom insight, do a quick Zodiac Reading here and see what the Universe has to say about you right now.

The Southern Node of the Moon will transit this sign between Jan. 18, 2022, and Jul. 17, 2023. During that time, the sign is expected to deconstruct from the inside out to re-establish itself upon a strong, healthy foundation. This transformation can be oppressive, as it can prompt events to defy and challenge this sign in inappropriate ways. This sign is expected to hit rock bottom, but this is how it learns how to rise again.

It has to deconstruct itself to reassemble itself. This means to release the people, things, situations, behaviors, and feelings that are no longer serving and holding them back. Transformation is part of a major process, one that happens only several times over a lifetime.

It is not something to discount just because it is hard. Resistance only makes it more difficult and makes this mark feel “stuck” when they are meant to grow. As they transform, this sign will find themselves peeling back the layers.

This is both good and bad. On the one hand, they will dive in deep and look for their sense of purpose and source of existence and happiness. On the other, they might face an identity crisis, in which they cannot even say what they want and need or who they are, will be, and were.

This phase is expected because it will force them to take an even deeper look inside themselves, to question these things for the first time in a very long time. Taking time to answer these questions patiently will set them up for the journey ahead and provide the proper layers to sustain and lead them into a true sense of themselves. We have been building this long enough; you are surely wondering now who a sign is questioning.

It is predicted that 2022 will be the year of rebirth for the Scorpio. Scorpios are known to be brave, creative, driven, and passionate creatures, giving them all the tools and setting them up to succeed in this journey. It will be an up-and-down year, but all of the downs this year are designed to turn this sign around from the inside out and let them release all that is holding them back to have long-term, fruitful effects. Big changes are coming, and fulfilling, empowered life is waiting to happen on the other side.

Scorpios may feel compelled to retreat and isolate themselves in a safe space as they cope with the torrents of emotions coming their way. However, they should keep an eye on these critical cosmos dates because they might find that they will feel best when surrounded by others. Jupiter is currently in Pisces through May 10 (and again from Oct. 28 through Dec. 20).

It will be in the Fifth House, the sign of Scorpio, which is the sign of creation, passion, and drama. Scorpios might find they need additional love and affection to let go of feelings and feel validated in their connections. Then, from May 19 – Oct. 28, Jupiter will be in the astrological sign of Scorpio, the sign of well-being. At that time, much of the difficult parts of the transition will have passed, making this an ideal time to establish new routines, boundaries, and expectations aligned with healthier alternatives to your old self.

During the first half of the year, it is common for Scorpios to be emotionally overwhelmed and feel in need of additional support and validation. They must be careful about latching onto just one non-romantic relationship, as those needs are bound to change. The more Scorpios turn inward, the more they will begin looking for partners who are not the same as their typical kind. Embracing this new kind of bond will prove the great changes and growth they will make due to all of the internal work they will go through up until that time.

The release theme is still in play for all the non-Scorpio signs. For growth and positive changes to occur, letting go must first create space for transformation. Reinventing oneself does not need to be radical, just reflective and curious.