Capricorn Traits

Strengths: disciplined, analytical, realistic, tenacious, patient, intelligent, caring, strategic, driven

Weaknesses: authoritative, condescending, stubborn, relentless, gloomy, pessimistic, cynical, fearful

Likes: tradition, family, music, quality craftsmanship, puzzles, games, practical thinking, reading

Dislikes: laziness, gossip, being angry, public displays of passion, quitting, careless mistakes

Sign Characteristics

The sign of Capricorn belongs to the element of Earth, along with Taurus and Virgo, adopting the practical approach to life, relationships, and accomplishments. They are naturally involved with financial matters, material possessions, and worldly reputation. Earth signs are practical, self-reliant, stoic, and ambitious. Capricorn are the master strategists of the Zodiac, willingly taking on long-term goals. The planet Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn and imparts seriousness and a strong, productive way of approaching life, with an innate sense of duty and responsibility. Capricorn are represented by the Sea-Goat, a mythological creature, half goat and half fish. It was created to face fear and create panic, to protect against the monsters in the mind. The persistent goat has willful energy, determined and focused on the objective, always moving forward. Those born under the sign of the Goat are traditionally said to age in reverse, beginning life with the weight of the world upon them. They endure hardships at the beginning of life, gaining wisdom, understanding, and stability before most people do. Gradually, they become more youthful, optimistic, and playful.

A strong sense of responsibility enables Capricorn to progress significantly in their personal and professional life. They are masters of self-control, leaders with solid, realistic plans. Intelligence and hard work keep Capricorn in control of their future. They thrive on strict rules, set ways, and tradition. Taking action and launching initiatives are represented in Capricorn’s “can do” attitude. They are some of the best leaders, scientists, and teachers in the world. Capricorn set goals, calculate the path, and stick to their plans until completion. They are extremely disciplined and patient, rarely wasting energy. Capricorn never give up, their grit and resilience paving the way for the ambitious hard-worker to travel. They may devote countless hours to master a project, characteristically being able to overcome almost any obstacle. Capricorn are usually the strong, silent type, the driving force behind the scene.. They handle pressure fairly well, but can argue fiercely, and tend to be correct. Capricorn may appear to be cold and aloof but are only pretending that they do not feel emotions. They do not want emotions to get in the way, and prefer their life to be ordered, keeping everything neat and tidy. A relentless drive can be Capricorn’s downfall. They do not like to admit when they are wrong and may refuse to believe facts. In their drive to succeed, Capricorn may keep information to themselves, appearing secretive, and selfish. Depression may emerge if a failure occurs, the perfectionist’s attitude being self-destructive. They can be so focused on the prize that they do not enjoy the journey.

Friendships and Family

Capricorn are the “popular” people of the Zodiac, They need to be surrounded by people with set boundaries, but also, loyal enough to follow their lead. They tend to keep those who are honest and supportive as good friends. They are loyal friends with a good sense of humor. Capricorn may be difficult to get to know. Patience, persistence, and time are required to establish a relationship. Capricorn are cautious about love. They are often mature adults before becoming involved in a serious relationship. With their desired partner, they are loyal and find a sense of happiness and relaxation in a family atmosphere.

Element Earth
Quality Cardinal
Color Brown, black
Day Saturday
Ruler Saturn
Greatest Overall Compatibility Taurus, Cancer
Lucky Numbers 4, 8, 13, 22
Date Range December 22 – January 19
Capricorn Astrological Traits