Aquarius Traits

Strengths: philanthropic, visionary, analytical, intelligent, inquisitive, witty, makes cool look easy, free-spirited

Weaknesses: uncompromising, aloof, condescending, moody, emotional, impersonal

Likes: fighting for social justice, intellectual conversations, stimulating knowledge, helping others

Dislikes: boredom, barriers, disagreement, being labeled, limitations

Sign Characteristics

The Aquarius sign belongs to the element of Air along with the signs of Libra and Gemini, strongly connecting it to the mind. The water bearer, the giver of wisdom, Aquarius is intellectual and progressive thinkers.

Their ruling planets of Uranus and Saturn give them the quality of seeing the future and being passionate while obtaining their goals.

Futuristic in nature and having a strong belief in social justice, Aquarius is often the torchbearer for humanitarian causes.

They are motivated by the desire to serve. They are intent on helping others and see the possibilities of a better world. Drive and energy propel them to reach their ideals.

They are unique and believe in the innate goodness of people. They are rational, inventive, dedicated, and often, revolutionary.

Aquarius always tests social convention looking for improvements. A thirst for knowledge drives them to explore, experiment, and solve problems.

Friendships and Family

Aquarius are popular and have many friends. They are shy but shine in a group and are happy to instruct and lead. They may, however, hold others to high standards and judge too harshly.

They can give the perception as cold, aloof, and uncaring because they are only seeing things in black and white. It is simply that they feel convinced their opinions are right and others, who do not agree, are wrong.

They can be overly idealistic. This can cause dissatisfaction and frustration. Aquarius can be uncomfortable in a limiting situation and can be aggressive and demanding in the position of authority.

They need to be in control. A rebel at heart, Aquarius can be rebellious and disruptive and do not like being emotionally vulnerable. This can lead to being unpredictable. Aquarius may try to handle all aspects alone or even abandon a project if things are not going as planned.

The consuming drive that Aquarius has, however, requires a need to pull back and isolate from time to time, to recharge. This time alone can be full of intellectual stimulation, preparing for their next challenge, and their next battle for the good of mankind.

Aquarius are extremely devoted to family and certain friends, and are often willing to put themselves at great risk to help them. They are popular and fun. Honesty and independence are important to Aquarius and they cannot be bound by any person or situation. In love, intellectual stimulation, honesty, and loyalty are very important.

It is difficult, however, for Aquarius to allow someone to become close because that intimacy opens them up to criticism and disagreement. Those who are allowed in the Aquarius inner circle must meet the standards of creativity, intellect, and integrity to sustain the relationship.

Aquarius dislikes broken promises and if betrayed, forgiveness is rare.

Family is held to these expectations, as well. Obtaining a strong relationship with Aquarius can be difficult but a very long-lasting, rewarding commitment.

ColorLight-blue, Silver
RulerUranus, Saturn
Greatest Overall CompatibilitySagittarius, Leo
Lucky Numbers4, 13, 22, 31, 40, 51, 71
Date RangeJanuary 20 – February 18
Aquarius Astrological Traits

Traits Summarized

  • Innovative: Aquarians are known for their originality and inventiveness. They often come up with unique solutions to problems.

  • Independent: They highly value their independence and freedom, often preferring to follow their path rather than conform to others.

  • Intellectual: Aquarius individuals are often deep thinkers, interested in understanding complex ideas and concepts.

  • Humanitarian: They have a strong sense of social justice and are often involved in causes that aim to make the world a better place.

  • Unpredictable: Their behavior can be unpredictable at times, largely due to their desire for freedom and dislike for routine.

  • Detached: Aquarians can sometimes seem emotionally detached, as they tend to process their feelings intellectually rather than emotionally.

  • Progressive: They are forward-thinking and often ahead of their time in terms of their ideas and viewpoints.

  • Friendly: Despite their reputation for being somewhat detached, Aquarians are generally friendly and enjoy making new acquaintances.

  • Creative: Their innovative nature often extends into creativity, finding unique expressions in art, music, and literature.

  • Altruistic: Aquarians are genuinely concerned with making a difference in the lives of others, often putting the needs of the community or humanity first.