Strengths: fearless, independent, determined, confident, positive, out-spoken, often athletic, loyal

Weaknesses: stubborn, impatient, pushy, temperamental, impulsive, blunt, self-centered, short-tempered

Likes: leading others, challenges, competition, taking action, being first

Dislikes: inactivity, delays, having a boss, waiting, being ignored

Sign Characteristics

The Aries sign belongs to the element of Fire, along with Leo and Sagittarius, giving them the characteristics of boldness, ambition, and a positive attitude. They are the first sign of the zodiac, have not learned the lessons of the other Zodiac signs, and lead blindly and impulsively. Aries are the most active of signs with an energetic lust for life. They thrive in competition and love being first. They will set a goal with resolute determination to achieve it. They do not mind going alone and do not care what others think about their methods. They often take dynamic action without thinking, diving headfirst into a situation, sometimes causing them to learn the hard way. Aries are leaders, pioneers, comfortable in their roles to begin an exciting bold adventure. They will fight to achieve their goals, taking in others’ opinions but often not adhering to their advice. They prefer to learn by experience and have a hard time listening to others. Winning is the most important. Aries wants life to line up to their ideals, the way they want, and think things should be. They like the big picture and not so much the details.

The Ram represents authority and needs to be 100% committed to a task. They are bold and ambitious trail-blazers, driven, and curious. It is their nature to take action and they are not shy about making their voice heard. They work hard and play hard. Aries are good multi-taskers and may have several projects going at once. Expert organizational skills keep them focused and on point. Aries rules by the head and will tackle challenges quickly and unafraid. They look forward to each day and the opportunities that await. They like being challenged and their enthusiasm can spread to those they care about, encouraging them to try new things and push them to better themselves. They have a magnetic personality and never do anything half-heartedly, and would like for everyone to strive for the best in life.

Friendships and Family

Aries have a wide circle of friends and acquaintances are respectful of different personalities. They are easy-going and fun. They can, however, be blunt, speaking up for what they think, and seeming rude and uncaring. Aries has a hard time slowing down and listening because they are too eager to get going. Ambition leads the way. Aries often know where they want to be in life and may leave their family early in life to pursue their dreams. As a child, they may be hard to control and need a patient, nurturing, loving parental figure. Their intimate bonds as an adult are rooted in their childhood. They are competitive with siblings and friends and can have an “every man for himself” attitude. Aries does not like being threatened or feeling they have a reason to distrust you. Explosive anger is negative, but although they are quick to anger, they also forgive. It’s difficult to win an argument with Aries because they are so confident that they are right. Family obligations are important and Aries will strongly defend you with unending energy when needed. The initial introduction and attraction, along with a sense of chemistry, will cause Aries to eagerly pursue a partner, without care of what others think. Throwing convention to the wind, they know what they want and will go after it. They are passionate and loving and need someone to share their gusto for life.

Quality Cardinal
CompatibilityLibra, Leo
Lucky1, 8, 17
DatesMarch 21 – April 19