Taurus Traits

Strengths: ambitious, dedicated, understanding, dependable, persistent, solid, brave

Weaknesses: hard-headed, lazy, uncompromising, fanatical, possessive

Likes: music, romance, nature, cooking and eating food, high-quality clothing, working with hands

Dislikes: change, complications, insecurity, synthetic fabrics, dishonesty

Sign Characteristics

The Taurus sign belongs to the element of fire, along with Virgo and Capricorn giving the ability to see from a realistic perspective. Taurus are smart, ambitious, and trustworthy. They anchor the Zodiac and are often the most reliable of all the signs. The sign of the Bull is steady and patient. Strength and endurance allow Taurus to persevere, working through problems until they are satisfied with the outcome. They may even be committed to a project for years until its completion. Hard work and determination usually pays off for Taurus. Their practical approach to situations takes time, though. Taurus likes to think before acting, and are precise in their actions. One needs to give Taurus time and space while they deliberate. They dislike making hasty decisions or quick changes. They will listen to other’s points of view but ultimately decide emphatically on what they want. Chances are that you will not change their mind.

Taurus is all about reward and will work very hard to obtain the benefits. Physical pleasure, material goods, comfort, and luxury are important. Taurus wants the environment surrounding them to be sensual and pleasurable, all that is beautiful in life. They are naturally connected to the bounty of nature and enjoy having access in order to recharge. Long walks in the open air deliver peace and calm. Taurus may often be found living in the country for this reason. Taurus also have a creative side and enjoy earthy, rugged artistic endeavors, and an appreciation of well-made handicrafts, as well as the finer luxurious works of art.

Friendships and Family

The Bull, however, is stubborn and can push too hard. If a project does not meet their expectations, they can be very hard on themselves, and it can take some time for them to get over the disappointment. It does take a lot to anger Taurus, but when they reach that boiling point, watch out! They can be explosive and fierce. They have an intense internal drive and sometimes have a problem with respecting authority. They do, however, make excellent long-term friends. Many of their friends begin in childhood and will last a lifetime. They will always be loyal to friends and family, sometimes being overprotective. Family customs and traditions are important. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus and is all about honesty. They especially do not like being lied to. They want and expect the best from people in their life and will return the same. In friendship and in love, they need to establish a strong foundation in a relationship. Taurus will always defend the ones they love.

ColorPink, green
DayFriday, Monday
Greatest Overall CompatibilityScorpio, Capricorn
Lucky Numbers2, 6, 9, 12, 24
Date RangeApril 20 – May 20
Taurus Astrological Traits