Pisces Traits

Strengths: compassionate, caring, gentle, hospitable, creative, selfless, clairvoyant

Weaknesses: fearful, submissive, overly trusting, delusional, flakey

Likes: music, sleeping, dancing, dreaming, swimming, romance, mysticism

Dislikes: criticism, cruelty, know-it-alls, being alone, sadness

Sign Characteristics

The Pisces sign belongs to the element of water along with Scorpio and Cancer. Pisces are represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions. They are ruled by Neptune making them intuitive, artistic, and musical. Pisces are sensitive, imaginative, emotional beings. An atmosphere of happiness, peace, and harmony is their preference. They are dreamy and optimistic, open to new imaginative ideas, and are often great artists, musicians, and writers. This overly emotional characteristic can sometimes be their downside, however. While one fish swims in a world of delight and contentment, the other fish reveals the illusion that can disappoint.

Pisces have a complex personality. While striving to find good in everyone, they can trust too much and be easily swayed. Their strong desires to please, and be pleased, make them friendly and generous, but possibly vulnerable. They can be seen to be spacey and flakey and can be taken advantage of for their openness. They are impressionable. When hurt they close off to avoid confrontation, which they hate. Emotions can bury reality. Pisces may look the other way to escape a damaging situation and then take some time to heal their wounds. They are, however, not judgmental and will always forgive. The desire to have a world where everyone is as open as they are, where their dreams and desires rule their lives, is most important.

Friendships and Family

Pisces make good friends and are often called the best friends of the Zodiac. They are selfless and empathetic. Their sensitivity and need to help others may often cause them to neglect their own needs. A sense of what the future holds can sometimes foretell when something may be a problem even before it happens, and they will use this clairvoyance to help their fellow man. They prefer to look at the good side of life. They are deeply spiritual and mystical. Pisces are pleasure-seeking creatures and willing to go along just for the fun of it. They want everyone to be happy. Giving is more important than receiving. They have a very strong desire to help.

Pisces hold family and friends in high regard. Family takes priority. They make good nurturers and parents due to their caring nature. It is said that Pisces have learned all the lessons from the rest of the Zodiac because they are last in line. They have knowledge of love, joy, hopes, and accomplishments, as well as hate, pain, fears and failures. This enables them to understand and drives their compassion for mankind. They prefer serious relationships because they are true romantics. They want to love and be loved. They can be needy but also devoted to their loved ones. Pisces are tolerant, attentive, and faithful, needing a true connection with their partner.

ColorLilac, Purple, Violet
RulerNeptune, Jupiter
Greatest Overall CompatibilityVirgo, Taurus
Lucky Numbers43, 9, 12, 15, 18, 24
Date RangeFebruary 19 – March 20
Pisces Astrological Traits