Houses of Astrology

What is meant by the term Astrological Houses? How do they affect your horoscope? These twelve Houses each represent unique aspects that help determine types of people, places, and events in your life. Let\’s see what they are and what they can mean to you.

1st House

The first House symbolizes your acting self and first impressions. It includes how your physical appearance and personality appear. It is the beginning point, a significant aspect of your birth chart. This House represents ego, ambitions, and the unfolding of your destiny, much like the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries.

2nd House

The second House symbolizes material possessions, personal belongings, money, and physical resources. It also represents what you value most highly and your self-esteem. The second sign of the Zodiac, Taurus, has a key phrase \’I have.\’ It can represent this House.

3rd House

The third House symbolizes thinking, analyzing, communication, and cognitive functioning. The third sign of the Zodiac, Gemini, is about the thought process and talking with others. Traditionally this House is also about siblings, writings, and short journeys.

4th House

The home environment and family life symbolize the fourth House. Ruled by the Moon, this House reflects your sensitivity, security, and emotional foundation. It also gives the ability to explore the past and discover the roots of your being.

5th House

Creativity and spontaneous self-expression symbolize the fifth House. It is also associated with offspring, love and romance, affection, pleasure, and artistic endeavors. Here is the essence of the Sun and Leo.

6th House

The sixth House symbolizes your everyday life. Like Virgo, routines, schedules, planning, analyzing, and organization all play a part in how you master life\’s challenges to produce achievements. This House also represents health, sickness, and service to others.

7th House

The seventh House symbolizes marriage and partnerships of all kinds. It is concerned with how you relate to the unions between people; and whether you can fit into the world of others, whether friends or enemies. Balance is essential to Libra and this House.

8th House

The eight House symbolizes issues of death and sexuality. Represented are transformation, addiction, rebirth, and your perception of them. It refers to the lessons you need to learn to grow and change. Scorpio shares these characteristics of desire, darkness, and mystery. Depicted is your relationship to money, what you owe, or might inherit.

9th House

The ninth House symbolizes intuition, personal evolution, and study of religion, spirituality, philosophy, and higher learning. Like Sagittarius, this House represents expansions of your horizons, adventures, exploring, and learning new things. You will find travel to other countries, foreign languages, and cultures here.

10th House

The tenth House symbolizes your ideal purpose and destiny in life, reputation, career, public life, and achievements. The tenth sign of the Zodiac, Capricorn, is also concerned with working towards a goal with success in mind.

11th House

The eleventh House symbolizes your life goals, wishes, hopes, desires, and personal purpose. It explains how friendships and social associations, such as teams, networks, tribes, and communities, affect your life. Aquarius is also about knowing and understanding these relationships.

12th House

The twelfth House symbolizes things beyond the physical plane, hidden from your conscious personality, psychic faculty, and self-sacrifice. Karma, believing, self-contemplation, and discovering your strengths and weaknesses are depicted. Hidden secrets, dreams, nightmares are associated with Pisces, and in this last House of astrology.