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Zodiac Signs And Cheaters

Cheaters are not all born under the same astrological sign. People from various backgrounds are equally likely to be a cheater, but each astrological sign has unique infidelity characteristics. Some like the attention, some the taboo, some seek emotional connection, and some are merely curious. What about your partner’s sign?


Aries craves excitement, is incredibly impulsive, and acts on instinct. Inspired by the thrill of the moment, one-night stands can be their thing. They like being the center of attention, feeding their ego, and glowing in the light of desire. The challenge is to keep up with an Aries, make them the object of your love and devotion, both mentally and physically. Be sure to keep things new and fresh, be creative, and then appreciated in return.


Taurus people are usually very faithful, grounded, and dependable. Few come close to cheating, but when cheated, be careful, Taurus can retaliate. As an earth sign, they are very sensual, all about the pleasure of good food, good wine, and good sex. Taurus love to have their senses tantalized. To keep them happy and at home, show them emotionally and physically, how much you genuinely care.


Gemini values the emotional side of a relationship, and exciting discussions are equally as important as the physical side. The twin’s sign can get bored quickly and needs sufficient stimulation to keep them from looking elsewhere. Although this restless sign is most often associated with sexual trysts, it can be via social media, not always physical. Keep them from being distracted by never neglecting the mental connection between the two of you.


Cancer is sensitive and needs to feel safe, supported, and understood by their partner. Although unlikely to stray, this delicate sign might if their need for affection and intimacy, a boost to their self-esteem, is not satisfied. Cancer is in tune with their feelings and value commitment, but they tend to lash out when hurt. Keeping Cancer loyal is as simple as showing them that your love is undeniably true.
Leo, ruled by the heart, loves loving and being loved. They have a passion for drama, excitement, and being in the spotlight. They want their romance to be as fiery as they are, and crave that special spark. The key to keeping Leo from being seduced by others’ desire is adoration, sexual creativity, praise, and applause. Let them know how much you value them and keep royal Leo happy, satisfied, and with you.


Virgo is generally loyal and faithful. They are intense people and have specific standards in a relationship. Virgo, obsessed with an idea of excellence, is very aware of tiny flaws and fallacies that show deficiencies. However, they do not like being the one to be criticized, and they expect plenty of validation and attention. Keeping expectations under control will keep the atmosphere smooth. Let them know of your adoration and appreciation, feed their hunger for perfection.


Libra is usually well-balanced and takes fidelity seriously. They do, however, love to flirt and enjoy being well-liked in a relationship. Although few will cheat on their partner, they may have a foreseeable romance in the making. Weighing their options just in case if things don’t meet expectations at home. Libra needs your support, friendship, and love to keep them from straying. Indifference can cause significant harm.


Scorpio is loyal, honest, and generally faithful, but their dark and mysterious characteristics lure them. An affair’s secretiveness can be more enticing than the physical aspect, even though sexual desires are naturally strong in Scorpio. The obscure and mystery arouse them. Scorpio loves excitement, so keep them enticed, intrigued, involved, and crazy about you in bed.


Sagittarius thrives on adventure and exploration. They can take commitment seriously and be faithful partners but have that innate need for freedom, independence, and discovery. A successful relationship needs to be kept fresh and exciting. Share their impulsiveness and be willing to take a thrill-seeking jump in your lives together.


Capricorn considers facts and logic as the standards for everything in their life, even relationships. Typically they are calm and have enough will-power to not stray. They will leave before they cheat because it would mar their opinion of themselves. If they feel the connection lacks what they think it should produce, they can decide it does not justify continuing. They are willing, however, to work on a relationship they feel worthwhile. They will be satisfied and content if mutual needs, such as love and respect, are fulfilled.


Aquarius builds associations with people who are passionate about their values, even more so with people who inspire them. Intelligent and often aloof, they are frequently distracted by other new objectives for society’s greater good, letting a relationship suffer. Aquarius can then be on the receiving end of infidelity. Keep their interest always a top priority, and it will pay off.


Pisces are deeply ethereal, empathetic, and sensitive dreamers. A relationship can begin to seem less than desirable, convincing them that another connection might be the real one they are endlessly seeking. Their delusions and ideas of karma can seduce them. Let your imagination go and keep fantasy and magic alive with your partner, showing them how strongly you care and that you are their true destiny.