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Your Zodiac Aura

Imagine an electromagnetic field surrounding you, emitting a flow of your spirit energy. This color varies in intensity throughout your life, according to your Zodiac sign. Find out which color represents your sign, perhaps your favorite color.

Aries: Fiery red is the vibrant color of Mars, the element fire, and your core aura. Outer bands contain rare tints of green and orange. These are found in strong, successful people. Green represents financial security and red, ability to take risks. Daily exercise helps direct energy.

Taurus: Emerald green is the core color with outer bands of pink and orange, making you a sharp, stable leader. The brighter the green, the more determined and confident you are. Orange represents strong family ties. Water intake, the primary nutrient of this sign, intensifies your aura.

Gemini: Bright yellow, the color of a sunny spirit, is the core color of this aura. Playful and cheerful, these people love new experiences. Outer bands of magenta represent extremes, and orange, the qualities family, cause a balancing situation. Gemini needs fresh air to intensify its aura.

Cancer: Pink, soft and gentle, dominates the aura of Cancer, creating a sensual, dreamy individual who loves being in love. Outer bands of pearl grey represent healing qualities, and turquoise and royal blue show an understanding listener. Wearing moonstone jewelry enhances your aura.

Leo: Green is the aura color for passionate Leo. Brighter green shows success, affluence, and wealth. Outer bands of violet represent a strong sense of self-importance. When intensified by channeling energy into interesting endeavors, the green may flush red-orange.

Virgo: Indigo and white combine in the aura of Virgo, representing rational and creative people. This color causes one to think in new ways. Outer bands of ochre and forest green represent success and financial security. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables enhances this aura.

Libra: A peaceful blue and green combination dominates this aura. The more clear-headed you are, the brighter your aura. The more anxious you are, the weaker your aura, reducing your potential to overcome self-doubt. Libra must control negative thoughts, keeping them positive, and creating a magnetic atmosphere.

Scorpio: Velvet black, deep blue, and magenta form a rich, enticing outpouring of mystery in the aura of Scorpio. The more intense your dark-colored aura, the higher intuition becomes. Black represents wisdom, and your aura will bloom with crimson and burgundy when in love. Warm water and salt baths help cleanse and enhance your aura.

Sagittarius: Colors of saffron and tangerine enrich the aura of the adventurous Sagittarius. Core color intensifies with vital energy to explore the unknown, and ripples with silver and pale blues, revealing a desire to go beyond. Cleaning your aura is essential to keep momentum. Eating sweet yellow fruits will intensify the color.

Capricorn: Deep violet is the core color of this aura, representing clear-thinking Capricorn. Orange and yellow appear, making your optimistic side more substantial than the pessimistic. To keep your spirit vibrant, grow African violets, also enhancing your energy by the aroma.

Aquarius: Turquoise with shades of pale aqua fills this aura, with outer bands of royal blue. The core colors are iffy, like the attention this sign often pays to their environment. The royal blue signifies the characteristic of selflessness. Lots of sunshine helps to nourish this aura.

Pisces: Soothing ocean blue in this aura represents a gentle nature, eager to share magnetic personality and emotions with others. Loyalty and helping others intensifies your aura, increasing life energy, water enhances, and a salt-water bath invigorates.