What Sleeping Positions Reveal About You

Everyone has distinct physical mannerisms that make them unique. Posture, body language, and even sleeping positions can reveal volumes about your personality and who you are deep down.

Although rare, about 5% of people cycle through a variety of positions, so what posture and personality are you?

Fetal Position

41% of people prefer lying on one side, curling the knees up, and keeping arms close (half of which are female).

Studies show these sleepers tend to be sensitive, sometimes withdrawn, and commonly relaxed people.

Log Position

Sleeping on either side with arms close and straight can be connected to easy-going, social, and often outgoing individuals.

Studies have also linked this sleeping position to trusting personalities, that can occasionally be gullible.

Yearner Position

If you find yourself drifting to sleep with arms outstretched in front, you may take longer to make decisions.

Stand behind those choices with confidence and maybe be a little stubborn or cynical at times.

Soldier Position

Only 8% of those surveyed slept on their backs with arms straight, and most seem to have higher standards for themselves and others around them.

Free-fall Position

If you prefer sleeping on your belly with your head turned to one side and arms wrapped around your pillow, you may tend to be more outgoing and might avoid criticism and stressful environments.

Starfish Position

Laying on your back with arms spread or above your head may reveal that you easily make friends and do not seek attention, but you happen to be very helpful to those closest to you.

Research like the Idzikowsky’s studies have shown while there may be a link between sleeping posture and personality.

Aside from the novelty of trying to determine your personality based on your sleep style it’s also good to know some positions are healthier for you and your body.

For instance, sleeping in free-fall can improve digestion, while laying in the starfish can increase snoring and cause arm pain.