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You become frustrated and combative when you are called out on your antics. Growth is waiting for you this year; you just have to grasp it. Time to start assuming responsibility for your actions, Aries!


Your inquisitive and worrisome nature has you questioning everyone and their intentions. Do not let insecurities keep you from forming bonds and relationships. Learn to roll with the changes this year; you’ll be happy you did!


Your uncertainty over things requires frequent reassurance but is not always received well by others. This year it will be essential for you to find a way to reassure yourself and act on what you say you will do.


2021 will bring many changes for you, but the number one thing you will need to work on is saying “no.” Do not let pressure force you to agree to do something you don’t feel comfortable with. The more you use it, the easier it will become!


Learning how to get along with others this year will be vital to being prosperous and happy. Before immediately arguing, think about what you’re going to say and whether that will have a positive or negative response.


Sometimes, Virgo, you don’t deal well with problems and instead shut down and bury your emotions. This year will be about genuinely connecting and securing your relationships while learning acceptance of those you wish to continue them with.


Sometimes you’re a tad materialistic, and a lot of times, it shows! Working on your need to judge before getting to know someone will be an essential learning journey for you this year, should you wish to grow!


Your desire for control can overwhelm some people. Stop worrying about things you don’t or can not understand and start focusing on things you can control. This year will be full of things that can go in your favor, as long as you put the effort in!


Sometimes you give off the appearance that you are superior to others around you. This year you must focus on seeing the worthiness in those around you and not just the faults.


It’s time to discover that you can count on people rather than automatically assuming the worst. Open up this year; you might be pleasantly surprised!


Discovering how to be there for your loved ones and friends in 2021 will be vital since you sometimes take more than you give. Focus your time and energy on your giving nature this year!


You regularly consider yourself as the victim. Learning to recognize when you are wrong is hard to do but will be an essential learning experience. Growth is important!