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As an Aries, you’re sometimes frightened by commitment. You aren’t certain whether you’re ready to devote your life to someone else.


Your biggest worry is that you will make a mistake. You don’t want to make the wrong choice, or end up with the wrong partner. Major decisions hold you back!


Right now you are enjoying things the way they are. You’ve been having a good time in life, and you don’t want things to change or end if they become too intense.


You’re afraid of trusting your partner with your heart and then having it broken. You especially don’t want to be made a fool of. Your sensitivity makes you scared of being hurt in the future.


Sometimes you worry that your relationship is too good to be true. Should it really be this great? You often wonder if you are missing red flags, and that often holds you back from taking a step further towards a deeper bond.


You worry about repeating history because you’ve been hurt in the past. Will you make better choices this time?


You enjoy having options. If you take the next step with this person, that means you will be saying goodbye to your chance at a possibly better relationship with another person.


Expressing emotions can sometimes be a difficult task for you, Scorpio. You’re afraid of being vulnerable with someone else and providing them ammunition to hurt you.


Your relationships never seem to last as long as you’d like, and you worry that your relationship will end if you take the next step. Working on a longer AND stronger relationship may take working on yourself as well, but only if you’re willing.


You feel like you’re safer off on your own because you can’t get hurt that way. Sometimes you’d like to take the next step, but self preservation always wins out.


Sometimes you are not good with handling relationships. You are often insecure, feeling like you will let your partner down if you become more serious. Self doubt holds you back from taking a step toward progressing your relationship.


You are currently content with the way things are and don’t want anything to change. You’re perfectly fine standing still, why take a step when you can’t see where your foot is landing?