Full moon over winter deep forest covered with snow on winter night

The Moon and its positions have been guiding the Earth since its inception. It is also one of the first astronomical wonders in the sky that have been observed by people. The change of the positions of the Moon was also employed for units of time measurement. A lunar cycle (when all the positions have taken place) takes about 29.5 days, about one-twelfth of a year. The positions of the Moon are divided into several groups (usually 4 or 8). In terms of the horoscope, the most critical positions of the Moon are undoubtedly the Full Moon and the New Moon.

1. The New Moon

The Moon is right between the Earth and the sun – which implies that the sun and the Moon are positioned in the same constellation. This phase is crucial in the area of well-being. It is also the perfect time to begin a new project or pursuit. On the other hand, the mind and immune system may be impaired during this period. Diseases can get more serious, and the risk of injuries and accidents jumps.

2. First Quarter

This state of the Moon signifies maturation. Your body becomes more vital, and consequently, it is essential to provide the required nutrients. Wounds and injuries heal well during this period (but with the approaching Full Moon, decrease this ability again). When it comes to the horoscope, this phase is also related to exploring and finding yourself and acquiring financial security.

3. Full Moon

The Full Moon is the only point that lights the entire surface of the Moon. The sun and the Moon are now facing each other, and we can clearly feel the power. People often suffer from insomnia, moodiness, or in general, a poor mental state. Wounds and injuries bleed more intensely during this period. Their healing also slows down, mainly due to slower metabolism. It is not advisable to undergo surgery during this period.

4. Third Quarter

During this phase, the Moon will recede. This is the ideal time to lose weight. Metabolism is now faster, and the body also cleans itself. Moreover, this phase of the Moon makes us more active. Healing of surgeries and wounds also goes well. Domestic work also goes smoothly during this period. Therefore, it can generally be said that this phase of the Moon is filled with positive energy.