Golden zodiac astrological clock, sunlight and shadow

Aquarius is a sign that definitely stands out. Jupiter and Saturn entered this sign back in December 2020. It’s been around 26 years since we’ve observed Saturn in Aquarius and about 12 years since we’ve seen Jupiter in Aquarius. They haven’t joined with one another for over 600 years, which really kicks off the energetic changes we’ll be experiencing this year and the years to follow.

Aqua Suns will experience growth and expansion with their self-expressive life force and nature, which is what really fuels them and their spirit.

Aqua Moons will feel emotional nourishment. Saturn on the Moon can seem a bit heavy on the heart. However, Saturn’s purpose here is to expand your maturity, wisdom, and commitment.

Aqua Mercury will encounter the expansion of mind, and a surplus of new ideas.

Aqua Venus will experience an increase in love, social connections, and feeling beautiful. Saturn’s seriousness in connections with others will produce more desire to commitment, even in the unusual Aquarian manner.

Aqua Mars will experience a rush of energy, taking action and making moves. Saturn’s serious consideration of what step is best to take next will make you feel a bit uneasy if you’re trying to always be on the move with Saturn on your Mars.

Aqua Jupiter will discover their Jupiter returns at some period this year. You will go through a new twelve-year chapter when it comes to exploration and expansion, as well as finding what brings you more connected to your truth.

Aqua Saturn will experience their Saturn returns between now and the beginning of 2023 (for those born with Saturn in Aquarius). The astrological passage into adulthood will begin, bringing on a new 29-year chapter. Jupiter moving on your Saturn can bring unique opportunities towards advancing your goals this year.

Taurus and Scorpio in any placement (Sun, Moon, Venus, etc.) will have similar experiences and a challenge towards growth because they will experience “squares” with the Aqua energies. Focus on refinement. Ideas and communication will be challenged for Taurus and Scorpio Mercury. You will learn to really understand this area of your life.

Leo, in any placement, sure can feel like a push-and-pull type of energy with the above Aqua energies. The key here is to learn balance. Leo Venus will learn how to balance relationships, while Leo Mars will learn how to balance drive, passions, activities, and energy.

Libra and Gemini placements will experience a peaceful flow of energy with the current Aqua planets. On the bright side, you will experience a nice flow when communicating your thoughts and expanding the mind.

Cancer and Virgo placements might feel somewhat uneasy with Aquarius, which is necessary to settle any differences or any loss of feeling with the Air sign.

Aries and Sagittarius may feel as if the Aqua energies are aiding them this year.