9 Fashion Tips to Stop Making Yourself Look Older


We all want to age gracefully, and a big part of that is knowing how to dress in a way that doesn’t make us look older than we are. Incorporate these 10 fashion tips into your daily wardrobe to feel and look great at every age.

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9. Find your look-at-me shoe

Too often, as we age, shoes become strictly about comfort. Our shoes get boxier, the straps gain velcro, and the fashion factor goes downhill quickly. One way to fight the outdated grandma look is to add a pair of fun statement shoes that are fun to wear and even more fun to look at! Find a pair of fun shoes (maybe with those red soles?) that you love and wear them often.

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8. Mix and Match

There is nothing that can age you more right now than overly matched accessories. Keep all those matched jewelry sets you’ve acquired over the years, but try only wearing one piece from the collection at a time. Dainty pieces are hot right now, but there is always room for a large statement piece!

7. Lengthen your legs

Look for shoes that elongate your legs. Heels with open toes or cutouts are trendy options if you can wear heels. If you prefer a more substantial sole, wedges or kneehigh boots are classy and flattering in any situation.

6. Show off your figure

Just because you are a grown woman doesn’t mean you have to hide your figure. It is crazy that we have been made to feel that way. Stop hiding behind baggy sweatshirts and mom jeans and show off that beautiful body. Look for well-tailored pieces that cinch in areas that accentuate your figure, no matter what size that figure is. If you feel vulnerable, throw a blazer over your shoulders to add some security to your outfit.

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