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5 Simple Ways to Overcome Loneliness

Are you going through a breakup, new to town, or just naturally introverted? There are many reasons you may feel disconnected from others, but there are easy ways to reconnect and beat the loneliness. The following 5 tips will have you back enjoying time with others in no time!


I know first hand how intimidating starting to exercise can be. I had a completely irrational fear that the entire yoga class would laugh at me failing to get anywhere near my toes in a forward fold. But that first day, I showed up early, asked someone what I needed, set up in the back, and had a fantastic morning that I went on to add to my weekly schedule. All it takes is showing up and letting yourself be open to having fun. Everyone wants to be around the person who enjoys life, so start exercising, have fun, and meet great people!


Volunteer work is the best way to meet people because you have the same purpose and project, providing instant bonding. Look for volunteer opportunities that fit your unique interests and personality and meet people with similar characteristics! If you love animals and value kindness, look at wildlife rescues that need help. There are always building projects or disaster relief organizations in need of support for those who like to get their hands dirty. If you have been withdrawn due to grief, and feel ready, look for organizations that support others in your situation and offer your help. Whatever you choose to do, do it with passion and kindness, you will soon notice good people gravitating towards you.

Cut down on screen time

Though we are technically connecting, digital connection just doesn’t have the same power against loneliness as do in-person meetings. Combat loneliness by putting the phone down, and make a point to do something social. It can feel awkward at first to put yourself back out there but ask your companions to support you. If you don’t have a support network, already look at social clubs, sororities, fraternities, and self-improvement groups to get yourself out there.

Do something new

Chances are there are tons of local tourist attractions and other entertainment businesses you haven’t gotten around to visiting yet. Now is the perfect time to explore your local area! Check out your local parks and rec department for group outings that would allow you to meet other single adventurers or find a workshop that sounds fun and sign up! Your local school system may offer adult night classes that range from earning your GED to watercolor to refrigerator repair. Do some research, get creative, and start adventuring!

Spend time with yourself

If you are especially susceptible to loneliness, you may need to spend time alone with yourself to figure out why that is. Talk with a therapist to discover if you have negative beliefs about yourself that are making you uncomfortable in your solitude. If it is just that you miss company and friendship, keep up the fight. Go out and enjoy yourself; others will see you having fun and want to know your secret. Let your joy draw others to you; it won’t take long!

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