7 Attractive Qualities that Have Nothing to do with Looks


There is nothing more attractive than confidence. The world is a big, scary place sometimes, but being with a confident person can make it seem a little safer. Things are easy and predictable with a confident partner because they likely communicate well, aren’t insecure or jealous, and are generally fun to be around. 

If you want to gain confidence, find what you are good at and share it with others. Social clubs and volunteer work offer many unique ways to boost this attractive quality while letting you explore your interests. It may seem hard at first, but put yourself out there and watch how quickly others begin gravitating towards you.

Sense of Humor

Laughter makes you live longer, plus it makes that life a lot more fun. It’s no wonder that a sense of humor is frequently the number one quality a person values in their spouse. A sense of humor lets a person roll with the flow of life, and get some joy from every situation, no matter how terrible. Being with someone who can laugh at themselves and bad situations makes you feel more safe and secure. 

If you struggle with letting go and enjoying life, there may be a medical reason to blame. Stress, depression, and other illnesses can rob you of your sense of humor and make you forget it ever existed. Speak with a doctor about your concerns and work together to make life a little lighter and more fun. 

Open Sincerity

Most relationships we have in life are with our perception of someone instead of the actual person themselves. An open and sincere person is attractive because we have the opportunity to get to know the real them, instead of an image they want to portray. With so many people pretending, honesty is a rare and valuable quality you should cultivate and cherish.  


A vigorous love for life is an entrancing quality that few can resist. Whatever it is that gives your life meaning and joy, do that as much as you can! When you follow your passions and let life come to you, you will soon notice everyone wanting to bask in your light. 


We have all been in the “What’s for dinner?” loop. 

“What do you want for dinner?”

“I don’t know what do you want?”

“What are you in the mood for?”

And so it continues until you either starve, or someone makes a decision. When you are the one suggesting a delicious paella, you will be surprised at the positive attention you attract. Knowing yourself and what you want is incredibly attractive, so speak up for what you want, and make the decision to get it. 


Kindness is a universal language. Kindness to animals and humans is the most pure and beautiful quality you can possess, and it can be understood without words by anyone in the world. If that doesn’t impress the importance of kindness, I don’t know what could. Show kindness in your actions and enjoy the attractive glow that comes with doing a good deed for another. 

If you need to reconnect with your sense of kindness, try to find a volunteer option that speaks to you. From saving injured bats to acting as the bodyguard of an abused child in court, there is something kind you can enjoy doing and learn from. 


Integrity is knowing what you believe is right and living by that moral code. A person with integrity will admit when they are wrong, apologize for hurting others, defend the defenseless, speak honestly, and try their best to live by a set of personal morals. Integrity is extremely attractive because you know what to expect and can count on the person to take responsibility for their actions.