5 Amazingly Healthy Breakfast Foods Most People Overlook

Most of us already know just how important breakfast is to our day.  Most of us also already know that greasy foods, fried eggs and sugary breakfast cereal aren’t ideal for a meal yet 90% of people when asked what they had for breakfast today answer with one of the three.

So why would people knowingly eat foods that aren’t “healthy” for breakfast?  You already know the answer to this as well – you’re saying it to yourself as you read this – “I don’t have the time!”

Here’s the good news

Each of the healthy breakfasts we’re going to show you can be prepared days ahead of time or on the spot in under 2 minutes time.

Here’s the bad news

Breakfast isn’t the most important meal of the day. That phrase was created by the Grape Nuts manufacturing company General Mills in 1944 as part of an Advertising Jingle to sell more cereal.  Apparently the advertisement worked because we, myself included, have been repeating that to people for the last 40 years.

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