5 Best Part-Time Jobs For Seniors

Retirement today is very different than it was a few decades ago. Today’s workers deal with fewer pension benefits, uncertain stock markets, and longer life spans. Studies show 20% of all workers over 50 years old do not plan for their retirement.

Even more surprising is that 1 out of 5 seniors over the age of 65 remain active in their daily life and are still employed or seeking work.


If you have experience in a career you love, part-time consulting is a flexible and social position. Companies need consultants who can share their expertise and help them grow their companies to the next level.

Consulting jobs are usually part-time and often pay more than full-time positions. If you like a social atmosphere and helping others, ask your current or previous employer about consulting positions.


Retired teachers can often find flexible employment tutoring individuals or small classes. Students in standard and private education struggle every day with their grades, subjects, and exams. If you enjoy educating and helping others, consider working as a tutor.

Coaching Athletics

Although the pay is not typically high, coaching athletics is a great way to stay active while helping younger athletes develop healthy habits.

Since sports are seasonal, coaching athletics can be a flexible, fun position, that may provide an additional few thousand dollars a year.

Tax Preparer

Seniors who have a background in accounting and prefer a flexible schedule might find preparing taxes part-time as a rewarding position. Tax preparers generally work more at the start of each year, especially during winter months, resulting in free time during the summer and holidays.

Preparing taxes allows seniors to work independently in a stable career that often pays very well.


If you have experience with accounting, bookkeeping positions can provide seniors with consistent part-time work all year round. Bookkeeping can be a flexible, detail-oriented job that pays very well.

Seniors who are comfortable using computers, working online with the Cloud, and are familiar with programs like Microsoft Excel or QuickBooks should look into bookkeeping.