10 Reasons Sleeping In Nothing is Healthy

Let’s talk about sleeping in nothing – seriously. Sleeping bare is the easiest way you can improve your health today without having to put in any effort. If the promise of results with no work hasn’t convinced you, check out these 10 reasons to shed the pajamas and reveal a healthier you! 

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The most obvious result of sleeping au natural is the effect it has on your sleeping partner. Leaving your clothes at the door can lead to increased intimacy, more cuddles, and more sex. If you are in the dating stage of your relationship, this is your chance to blow someone away. There is nothing sexier than a partner that is confident in their skin. For committed relationships, increased skin-to-skin contact with your partner increases the release of oxytocin, the super important bonding chemical! 


Better Hair From Less Sweating At Night

Combined with number 10, sleeping bare will give you the best hair of your life. Bodies sweat during the night while fighting to regulate temperature usually without the person even noticing. This sweat mixes with dirt from the previous day and sits on the scalp, drying the skin and making the hair follicles brittle. Brittle hair follicles can break and cause hair loss. Sleeping without clothes is like removing that last stubborn layer of blanket the body tries to shed while sleeping, but can’t. Without clothes the body can regulate its temperature while you sleep and give you healthy, luscious locks. 

Sleepy woman in a very soft, luxurious bed

Cooler Temp Protect Cells And Help You Sleep

Cooler temperatures boost the production of melatonin, a chemical that promotes sleep and helps slow the deterioration of cells. By sleeping sans pajamas you are encouraging your body to produce more melatonin, thus likely making you look and feeling younger for longer!

Beautiful african american woman smiling from behind her sheets and blankets

Less cortisol/weight loss

Tossing and turning at night increases levels of the stress hormone, cortisol. By shedding the clothes you can create a more peaceful night’s sleep and avoid nasty cortisol spikes that can cause cravings and weight gain. Sleep well, feel good, and look good! 

Sleepy woman in a very soft, luxurious bed

Lower risk of infection

Letting your bits air out at night is the easiest way to lower your risk of infections. Bacteria love warm, moist environments which means sweaty underclothes are like Woodstock ‘69 for residents such as yeast. Sleeping bare allows air to circulate as you move at night preventing overgrowth of bacteria.

Relaxed african american man taking a nap relaxing in bed.

Improved sperm production and health

Sleeping in boxers or briefs can hold the testes close to the body increasing their temperature. The ideal environment for sperm production is just below body temperature, so sleeping bare can increase both sperm count and quality. 

Woman being comfortable with her own body image

Skin health and regeneration

Clothes can trap dirt and shed skin cells against you while you sleep. Sleeping without clothes and washing your sheets frequently can drastically improve the health of your skin. Beyond allowing the skin to breathe and slough, sleeping bare improves sleep quality which gives a huge boost to skin health, including your complexion!

Confident woman in her comfortable bra and underwear happy with her body image

Brown fat activation  

Brown fat is a healthy fat that burns calories when you get cool in order to regulate your body temperature back to your ideal level. Sleeping without clothes lowers your body temperature during the night thus activating brown fat to burn calories!  Beyond weight loss, higher brown fat levels correlate with improved insulin sensitivity and regulation and faster resting metabolic rates. 

Body image

The most common reason not to sleep bare is because “it feels wrong.”  The good news is that feeling of “wrongness” will go away! The more you sleep bare the more comfortable it feels. Don’t get discouraged if shedding the clothes makes you anxious, it is likely you are dealing with years of deeply ingrained subconscious negative feelings about your body. You can do it! After just a short time you will notice improved feelings about the body, just from hanging out together while you sleep. 

Woman being comfortable with her own body image

It’s comfortable. 

Few feelings beat nestling into a fresh, silky bed and sensing the crisp sheets. Once you get over the subconscious conditioning of pajamas and nightclothes you’ll realize that it’s just more comfortable.

Invest in a nice set of sheets, high thread count or charmeuse, and make bedtime a grounding experience. Take a moment each night to really “check-in” with your body and do a quick meditation. Soon you will be sleeping and feeling better than ever!