Although every sign is associated with various traits–say, a Geminis’ quick-wittedness and hesitation or Leo’s trustworthiness and generosity–the strongest strengths of every sign in the context of relationships are specifically tied to emotional and communicative quirks. Traditionally, each zodiac sign is associated with a specific set of traits. For example, a Gemini’s quick wit and indecision or Leo’s confidence and generosity – the most powerful strength of each zodiac sign in a relationship context hinge particularly on emotional and communication quirks.

A person’s highest power for relationships may not just be true of those in that Sun sign, which is what you read your horoscope for, but of those in the Rising sign, which is reflective of the way you show up for others, and the Venus sign, which is representative of how you display and look for devotion.


You generally know what you want inside of your body and when you want it, Aries. And it is that sixth sense that shines through your romantic relationships. We see water signs as those that have insight, but we shouldn’t be sleeping on the strength of the fire of insight who references the Aries Fire sign.


This usually means that you can “cut your teeth on a task, avoid wasting time with your or a [prospective or current] partner’s time by sending messages for months before the meeting, or staying in a relationship that isn’t working,”. You are completely tuned into psychological and physical pleasure, perhaps the sign with the deepest roots in all five senses. And you get to share this comfort with your loved ones if you feel that way. “Dating the bull can feel like being pampered with constant luxuries,”. And since you are generally more comfortable in your own body, this atmosphere can immediately soothe your partners’ nervous system and make them feel at ease, too, he adds.


Ruled by Mercury, a communicative planet, you thrive on good, heart-to-heart conversation, Gemini. You are someone who “will spend the whole night talking with your partner about everything and everything, relishing every single word in every single moment of any get-to-know-you phase in a relationship,”. That dual-energy also makes you susceptible to the teachings and learnings someone makes during dating.


Ever the emotional-driven Water sign of the Zodiac, you are skilled at making your partner feel at home – no matter where they are. “Coming out with you tends to make the partner feel as though they are being wrapped up in a warm blanket of love and care,”. And given your powerful capacity for feeling your emotions, you are adept at navigating your partners’ emotions, even their past traumas, any time they come up.


Like the lion that symbolizes your sign, you will stop at nothing to protect those you care about, Leo. And this powerful sense of loyalty may make it easier for your partners to put their trust in you. Once you have decided someone is yours, you treat their well-being like your own and may even go as far as to “humiliate their enemies publicly” to demonstrate your loyalty.


Known for a propensity for details, you are inclined to notice everything, whether large or small. And as a result, you are an expert at uncovering any partner distress, or hidden sources of a relationship problem, which may not get addressed by people who are not so self-aware. Intensely sensitive, you always seem to know what to do about an issue, and you can “wash the mess down,” he adds.


As a scale sign, it should come as no surprise that your best relationship skills are in recovering harmony every time one is interrupted. You can quietly evaluate the imbalances in a first-date scenario or a well-established, long-term relationship without getting into shouting matches over them.

Classically, you are inclined to weigh the two sides of any situation, but in a relationship context, you might even favor your partner’s perspective; they did not call you the True Romantic for no reason. It’s almost like you were born knowing how to have a close, emotionally vulnerable relationship.


That is, your ability to open yourself to others, to be received by others, is virtually innate. “There is no middle ground there,”. A relationship with you will usually yield “an ocean of longing, and an almost incomprehensible depth of passion,” she says.


You are usually on the glass-half-full side of things, Sagittarius. And this can work well within relationships–in terms of moving on quickly from conflicts and not holding grudges–and also in the dating arena, where you are less likely to be disheartened by failed dates and more likely to maintain hope that the right person exists out there, somewhere.


You don’t falter or fold when faced with conflict, Capricorn. Quite the opposite, you are generally at ease having responsible, rational conversations (even when they are on heated topics) and admitting any mistakes you make. “More than being just an excellent planner…you are ready to be seriously accountable for your actions when the time calls for it,”.


Aquarius, associated with the 11th astrological house of Friendship and Community, inherently understands that “being true friends is the basis for every successful partnership,”. And so, she believes that your greatest strength in relationships is maintaining that friendship – whether through fancy dates or deep conversations – regardless if you are dating someone new or you have been together with your partner for years, she says.


You thrive on offering romantic gestures in the service of your partner, Pisces. “Every dating scenario is a love poem to you,” . “You can be incredibly easy to fall in love, and often treat even people you are just getting to know with the same kind of care that you would give to someone to whom you were committed for life. . In other words, you don’t take love lightly, and the right person will love you all the more for it.