The 3 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Have On-Again, Off-Again Relationships

Do you sometimes find yourself repeating the same cycle of getting together with an ex and breaking up over and over again?

Numerous times a breakup means it’s time to forgive, forget, and move on. But certain zodiac signs frequently find themselves getting back together with an ex, breaking up, and then copying the cycle all over again.

It’s pretty much a habit anyone can fall into. For example, it’s easy to reach out to an ex if you had astounding chemistry and still can’t get them out of your head. It’s also quite easy to get back together with your ex if your breakup wasn’t too shocking or dramatic. If you parted ways due to something trivial, why not give it another go?

Factoring in astrology makes it clear why some zodiac signs are attracted to the on-again, off-again lifestyle. Some signs will dive into relationships without any thought due to their natural impulsivity and then hop right back out again. Others might ponder over a breakup and, because they’re open-minded and fair, land on a group of reasons why it won’t hurt to try yet again with an ex.

It can be tough for their friends and family to understand why they always end up in these relationships. For a few signs, loyalty is everything, breakups are stressful, and the end of a relationship is the end. But for these three zodiac signs listed below, the idea of getting back together after breaking up is always on the table.

Aries (March 21 — April 19)

If anyone is going to be in an on-again, off-again relationship, it’s Aries. People with powerful Aries energy tend to be unpredictable and often go for what they want.

Aries Moves Fast

Essentially, if something seems like a great idea at the time — whether it’s getting back together or breaking up — Aries will do it without delay.

For instance, while most of us would think twice before calling an ex, an Aries will already be on the phone dialing before they’ve given themselves a chance to consider the pros and cons.

They Love Relationships

Aries is extremely likely to make up their mind about a person and then not change it. So if they begin to fall for their partner, they’ll continue liking them even after they break up.

While they may accidentally slip into the on-again, off-again lifestyle, Aries people really appreciate their relationships and try to be good partners.

But Their Mood Changes Quickly

Their mood is fast to change, and that can make for a tricky combo. 

If someone interesting comes their way, it won’t be long before they feel like their partner is suffocating them. That’s when they’ll call off their relationship to get a bit of breathing room.

But many Aries are quick to realize when they’ve made an error or jumped too soon, at which point they’ll try to fix things and get back with their ex.

How To Stop The Cycle

Some advice for ending the cycle would be to decide where you’re focusing your energy and try not to be influenced solely by your physical drive. Commit to one person, or be OK with the on-again, off-again life.

Gemini (May 21 — June 20)

While some people will do whatever it takes to expunge an ex’s memory, Geminis are a changeable sign, which means they’re flexible, adaptable, and a bit more open-minded.

Geminis Are Forgiving

Because of their forgiving nature, Geminis are likely to see conflict as being situational instead of permanent. They aren’t the type to delete numbers from their phone or burn pictures of their exes. Rather, they’re always delighted to revisit the past, especially if they think someone’s grown.

They’re Great Communicators

Another quality that makes a Gemini open to these types of relationships? Their capability to see someone else’s point of view makes it easier to feel bad for an ex.

Instead of ignoring an ex after a breakup, they take the time to examine what went wrong or why they were upset. And a Gemini is regularly down to talk.

This sign occupies excellent communication skills, which works to their benefit when smoothing things over.

But They Can Also be Flaky

Geminis are air signs, which means they can be quite indecisive. Once they enter into a relationship, it’s often not long before they’re craving their single life again and calling things off.

Libra (September 23 — October 22)

Libra is the cardinal air sign, and the primary sign concerned with a partnership. So it is clear why they’d be willing to give an ex a second chance.

Libras Are Empathetic

While they might assert themselves in conflict, Libra people are likely to identify with the other person’s side. Once things have chilled after a breakup, they’re normally able to take an objective look at what didn’t work and give their ex another chance.

They Hate Being Alone

A Libra’s on-again, off-again relationships also have a lot to do with the fact that Libras really hate being by themselves. While many signs fall into this cycle because they desire independence, Libras often find themselves contacting exes for a sense of security.

The problem is that Libras have a way of neglecting ongoing problems because they’d favor having a bad partner than no partner at all. That means they often find themselves in toxic conditions with partners who aren’t good for them.

They’re Also Extremely Picky

For the Libras who end things, though, it probably has much to do with their relationship to aesthetics. They can quickly start believing a partner needs to be “perfect” for a relationship to make it.

They often don’t know what they had until after they’ve broken up, at which point their sense kicks in, and they rush to work everything out.

How To Stop The Cycle

Libras can stop this cycle by dating people who have their best interests at heart and are grounded. Remember that if someone has treated you badly in the past, they’re likely to do it again.

Why These Relationships Can Be OK

These three signs should keep in mind there’s nothing essentially wrong with having on-again, off-again relationships if that’s what they choose to do. For some people, the dynamic meshes flawlessly with their personality. And sometimes, the situation really does call for it.