Toxic Phrases For Relationships

Toxic relationships can happen to every sign of the Zodiac. So what can you look for to avoid an unhealthy partner? And what common toxic phrases might you be guilty of using?

Read on to learn about 6 toxic phrases that are serious red flags in a relationship. If any of these sounds familiar, work quickly to resolve the issue before it is too late.

“I would be nothing without you.”

This phrase may sound innocent, but it is a really heavy and scary statement– it means that the person has too fully tied their identity to yours. The speaker suggests that they can’t live without you and your help. Being someone else’s reason for living is unhealthy and unfair.

At times, this type of dependence can feel like an incredible burden you’re unqualified to bear. The underlying threat of nothingness makes the stakes incredibly high with this person, and that is exhausting in its best case.

“Only you can make me happy.”

This is another common phrase that sounds innocuous but is actually a warning sign. This phrase is a signal of unhealthy dependence. The speaker can’t find happiness in themselves without you. A person needs to be whole on their own before they can share meaningfully with another.

Expecting someone else to complete you is toxic and frankly, exhausting. Being too dependent on someone can hurt both you and your partner by limiting growth and straining your relationship.

“You’re too good for me.”

Or, another variant with the same meaning: I’m not good enough for you. This phrase signals self-esteem issues and should be dealt with by a professional.

A healthy relationship is a partnership, not a charity, and both partners should recognize the importance of their role. This speaker may be fishing for compliments to bolster their confidence or maybe even to soothe a guilty conscience- tread carefully. 

“You’re perfect.”

This one sounds sweet, but it may mean that the person doesn’t want you to change, even if it would be healthy for you to do so. If your significant other refuses to allow you to grow, it may be an issue for both of you. We are ever-changing, learning, and developing.

Perfection is a tough ideal to achieve and maintain. This well-intentioned statement can lead to eating disorders, anxiety, and depression as a person naturally ages and changes.  

“You’re better than my ex.”

Comparing your partner to previous lovers is not only hurtful to your partner, but it is also detrimental to your relationship.

Constantly weighing your past and present relationships can cause you to focus on what your current relationship may lack while ignoring the many positives it brings in exchange. Talk about this phrase with your partner, and retire it from your discourse for good. 

“I want to always be with you.”

This phrase means the person wants to spend all their time with you – and this can get pretty overwhelming. Needing time apart from your partner is natural and healthy. If you never spend time alone, you won’t have anything to talk about and appreciate when you are together. If your partner refuses to give you space, it may mean that your relationship is toxic.

No matter what your sign, you are potentially susceptible to toxic relationships. Really contemplate this list and others to recognize signs of toxicity in your life.

Once recognized, you can work to solve and eliminate any toxic situations or relationships you may be hanging on to. A toxic relationship can severely impact your physical and mental health. Escape toxic relationships as quickly as is safe. 

If you need help leaving a dangerous relationship, please call:

The National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 or text LOVEIS to 1-866-331-9474