One of the most popular uses for astrology is to determine how compatible people are with one another according to their zodiac signs. Tbe alignments of the stars and the ruling planets may predict shared characteristics, habits, and preferences, which may play a role in their lasting relationships, or ultimate breakups.

One of the fundamental building blocks for healthy, long-lasting relationships is trust. One trait, in particular, stands above the rest in this area. It would go against their nature to lie, deceive, or be cheated.

Experience has taught us to put walls around ourselves as a defense. As children, we gave away trust easily, and we became ever warier each time we got burned. Having someone who you can fully trust without qualification is rare, and it is a blessing.

Some people get trapped by gossip, temptation, or pressure. However, a few out there will always have your back no matter what and will never let you know your secrets. You may be one of them. Astrology has an answer for who you can trust.

Fortunately, although one sign is most trusted, the other two are not far behind at numbers two and three. Third place goes to the Scorpions, who have a negative reputation because of their attitudes. They may be on the receiving end of some harsh treatment but will do anything to prove loyalty to a partner. They are not higher up the list because while they may be trustworthy, they have trust issues of their own, making them harder to trust.

They often will give their partners tests to ensure the feelings are reciprocal. However, once they have established trust mutually, they will feel safer being vulnerable and sharing their deeper thoughts and feelings, giving space for their partners to do the same. Taureans prefer to avoid drama whenever possible, meaning they do not see any value in mindless gossiping and sharing their secrets. Once the Taurus has eyes for someone, their inflexible nature makes them fixate on that person.

They have eyes only on one person at a time, and they find it difficult to let go. They want to prove to their objects of affection that they are trustworthy. The planet of love rules Taurus, meaning they usually look for serious relationships. They also place equal importance on trust, craving stability in relationships.

No one could ever claim Cancers crown as the most faithful Zodiac sign. Cancers always will put others first, as their overwhelming compassion makes it impossible to even think about risking harming those around them. This trait falls off fast and hard, so they will latch onto anyone as tight as possible regarding caring.

They will go out of their way to care for their lovers, friends, and family, often sacrificing their needs. Homebody Zodiacs also provide a safe, happy place for all fellow Zodiacs to come home to and confide in. The trouble with Cancer being the most loyal sign of the Zodiac is that they are loyal, even to a fault. They can be extreme with their loyalty to friends, family, partners, and even work.

They give more than they take, sometimes to the detriment of their values and boundaries, at the risk of burnout. They will say yes when they wish they would say no, let red flags and toxic behaviors slide, place loved ones on pedestals, and see the best in people and situations all the time. As a Water sign, Cancers are extremely sensitive, emotional, and vulnerable, so they need to be cautious about giving away their loyalty gift to all those around them. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the least loyalty-oriented sign is Sagittarius. Forcing them to promise to remain in the lines is like cage-tapping a bird who needs to fly.

Sagittarius is a free-spirited personality most driven by adventure. They are always living in the present moment-to-moment and have trouble planning or seeing the bigger picture. They want to explore life to its fullest extent.

This makes their relationship fragile. It is difficult to keep a deep connection when they are constantly moving, making keeping secrets and promises much more difficult.

When it comes to confidence, the hardest lesson to learn is only to take as much as you give. Trust is not supposed to be given freely, at least not completely. Trust others, see the best in them, and learn to believe in their actions more than their words.

Setting boundaries and saying no, even to people you love, is important. Those who truly care about your well-being will respect that and ensure that they return the favor by giving you their loyalty. In any relationship, always take note of your feelings, and ask: Does this person make you like you better? , Do you want to grow old with them?