The Most Charming Zodiac Sign And The Trait Behind It, According To Astrologers

Fascinating people have some natural magnetic force that draws others to them. From how they carry themselves to knowing just the right things to say, you cannot help but want to be around them, to become more like them. Their charm makes it easy for them to form connections, gives them success at work, makes it easy for them to get romantic, and easy for them to gain lots of friends. You cannot stay angry with them too long either, as they have just got something irresistible about them.

Charismatic people are born this way, thanks to their natal charts. This is the sign astrologers claim is the most fascinating of all zodiacs. Are we born with this, or is this a learned characteristic?

The answer to this is both and knows. The power of fascination is a partly natural trait because of the energy one brings to the room. They naturally draw people to their warm laughter and their bubbly personality. But some of this is learned through experience as well.

A fascinating person loves making others feel good, generously giving out kindness, friendliness, and a positive atmosphere to everyone around her. Scholars of sociology, political science, psychology, and management consider “charm” a kind of leadership that is considered exceptional. Astrologers explain that charisma stems from two dominant plants, so some zodiac signs are more naturally charming than others.

Signs ruled by Venus, the planet of courtliness and beauty, are generally blessed with grace, charm, and a lighthearted approach to flirtation. Signs ruled by chatty Mercury, or by the “Jovial Jupiter,” also benefit from these planets’ characteristics for attracting affection. Those ruled by Meritocracy are skilled communicators who can strike up conversations with almost everyone, making it easy for people to open up to them. Those ruled by Jupiter are known to be generous and upbeat, making others gravitate towards their laid-back energies.

Third place in the 12 zodiac signs is the hardworking Taurus. As the fixed sign, the Taurus is grounded and self-confident. They are too practical to devote too much energy trying to please anyone else, preferring to live their lives by the beat of their drum. This gives them a unique appeal. Ruled by Venus, Taurus comes across as do-gooders, making them trustworthy and honest.

People easily trust them and admire how they can hold their own. Geminis are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, giving them a knack for saying the right things, at the right times, to the right people. They have a way with words that makes them highly attractive. They can say exactly what they mean, or they can hide just enough information that it captures your curiosity and makes you wonder. Their communicative skills also allow them to easily read people, gauging what another person needs to hear.

They can adjust depending on who they are talking to, sweet-talking their way to whatever they want. Out of all the Zodiac signs, Libra wins the prize of being the most fascinating. This sign has the best of both worlds, being the ruling planet Venus. Still, being a cardinal air sign that knows how to communicate, this sign has a house of seven personal relationships, which gives it the power to make everyone it talks to feel special. Their charm can come across at times like a flirt. They know how to use their charm to get what they want.

However, this sign values relationships harmony and ensures that everyone who loves them feels treated equally. Charm is one of the many qualities that makes someone lovable, but it is not all. Charm can be dangerous when used to exploit people and manipulate their feelings. In any relationship, always be aware of your feelings and ask: Does this person make you like you better? , Do you want to grow old with them?