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Stop Your Self-Sabotage With Meditation

Without even realizing what we are doing, we can sabotage ourselves. Self-sabotage happens when our behaviors get in the way of achieving our goals without a valid excuse.

A self-sabotage pattern can be extremely destructive not only to our goals but also to our mental and physical states.

Mediation offers some help to get over any self-sabotaging behavior that you may have. Practice this mediation to help identify and correct the behavior that may be holding your back.

Prepare for Mediation

Before you start your mediation, you must prepare yourself.

Without adequately preparing, you could be unintentionally sabotaging your mediation.

Instead, take your time to enjoy the preparation and set yourself up for success.

Start by taking a relaxing bath or a shower and put on clean, comfortable clothes.

Being physically clean will help you feel free from any worries or thoughts from your day that you might bring into your mediation to distract you.

Be sure that you remove any other distractions like your phone to focus on your mediation journey entirely.

Next, set up your mediation atmosphere by lighting incense or a candle and dim your lights.

People are most restful and mindful in lowered lighting with pleasing aromas surrounding them.

To help keep your focus, put on some soothing, calming music.

In a chair with your feet flat on the ground or sitting cross-legged on the floor, sit up tall and start taking deep breaths to calm and focus yourself before your start.

Slowly breath in. Slowly breath out.

Close your eyes.

You are ready to begin your mediation.


To begin your mediation, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and slowly count back from five to one.

Imagine that you see a castle, tall and mighty.

You walk in and look around, seeing a book lying on a table in the middle of the room.

This book contains your self-sabotaging practices.

For this mediation, we will examine only three pages.

Page One

The first page of the books reflects the self-sabotaging behavior in your relationships. What are some ways that you avoid getting close to people?

How do your negative words or actions affect those around you? Why might you act this way?

As you slow breath in and out, reflect on your relationships and how you might be sabotaging them, either intentionally or unintentionally.

Tear the page from the book. It is no longer blocking your relationships.

What are some positive attitudes and actions you can bring to your relationship now that this page is out of the way?

Page Two

The second page relates to self-sabotaging behavior concerning your health and energy.

Do you have some negative thoughts about yourself?

What choices do you make that negatively affect your health and drain your energy?

Why do you act this way?

Reflect on these questions as you examine the page and tear it out.

Now that you have confronted this self-sabotage, how might you implement different, positive behavior?

Page Three

The final page for today is about your dreams and your goals.

Look at the page and reflect on ways that you have stopped yourself from pursuing your dreams.

In what ways do your fears or environment hold you back?

How might your experiences from your childhood affect your ability to pursue your dreams?

Think about your goals and how you view yourself in your dreams. With this image, tear the page from the book, and think of ways to encourage and support yourself as you pursue your dreams and goals.

Burn the Pages

Now that you have torn the last page, return the book to the table.

Walk out of the castle and image a large bonfire off to the side.

Walk to the bonfire and toss your three pages and watch them burn, your self-sabotaging habits going up in smoke.

Think of yourself as free from this behavior.

You are now free from your destructive habits and can move forward with your relationships, health, and goals.

You have completed your mediation for today.

You can always return to the castle to reflect on your self-sabotaging habits and find peace and calm.

Breathing in and out, slowly count from one to five and open your eyes.

Record Your Mediation

Once you complete your mediation, take some time to write in a journal about your thoughts, feelings, and findings. Be sure to write down any discoveries you made about yourself or your actions and how you want to change.

In between your mediations, be sure to write down in your journal any actions or feelings that you want to reflect on and return to when you meditate.

This journal will help you focus on aspects of your life you might want to meditate on. It can also act as a record to show you how much you have grown and changed since your mediation journey began.