Zen balanced stones stack
Zen balanced stones stack

We spend the majority of our lives within our homes. It is no surprise that the environment you spend the most time in dramatically impacts your overall well-being. 

A chaotic or unbalanced living space can cause an underlying level of anxiety that negatively affects your health and relationships. 

To add balance and pleasant flow to your home (and your mental health), take some tips from the ancient Chinese art of feng shui. 

What is Feng Shui?

Feng shui is a way of arranging your possessions to create harmony and balance between your living space and the natural world. “Feng” and “Shui” translate to “wind” and “water” and represent the belief that humans and their environment flow together in equilibrium. 

It is believed to harness the energies of nature to create communion between a person and their environment. And peace in your environment will allow you to live with more tranquility in other areas of your life. 

Set an Intention for your Space. 

How do you want your space to look and feel? Do you want a living room that is a cozy retreat to watch Christmas movies all year long? Or maybe a lively room with tables for game nights and stacks of pizzas? 

Once you have decided your intention, the practical design of the room will be easier and more naturally in harmony. 

Utilize the Command Position

The Command Position is the place in a room that has the best energy and provides security. 

To find the command position in your room, you look for a few key elements.

A space diagonal from the entrance offers a good view of the entire room. If your room’s focal piece, like your sofa or bed, cannot be in the command position, consider adding a well-positioned mirror to allow a view of the entire room. You can also add a piece of furniture, like a stylishly-decorated narrow console table, behind the floating sofa to create a feeling of protection. 

Incorporate the Five Elements

The five elements, earth, wood, metal, fire, and water, compose the world around us, exerting powerful physical and metaphysical forces on each other and earth’s living beings. It is important to balance these elements within your home to create a space that not only pleases the senses and relaxes tension but also nurtures your soul. Keep the relationship between the five elements in mind when decorating and emphasize the element that best fits your intention. 

For example, consider more earth elements on the ground when decorating your office and focus on yourself as you work. You may also add details of metal to help channel logic and reason. Try to notice how aspects of your decor make you feel and change things that might not work! 

Let Energy Flow

Feng shui incorporates the philosophy of Qi, the force that makes up and connects everything in the universe. Give it a path to allow this force to flow through your space and bind you to every other part of the universe. Ensure that your furniture is arranged, so you do not struggle or twist to navigate the room. If you can easily breeze through your space, so can Qi. 

Light Wisely

Most everyone has experienced that jarring sensation of walking into a bright fluorescent nightmare and immediately feeling uneasy and exposed. Pay attention to what light levels make you feel comfortable. Lights that are too harsh and bright can increase anxiety for some, while some may feel anxious if the lights are not bright enough. 

Use dimmer switches with your lighting whenever possible to customize the environment to your immediate needs! Layering your light options also offers a way to craft the right ambiance. Try overhead lighting paired with lamps in strategic positions around the room to create lighting options for all your needs.