Many of our thoughts are malicious and often repeated. We bombard ourselves with the idea of not being good enough, that people don’t like you, or that you haven’t accomplished anything.

The environment can play a role, but most comes from our perspective of reality. It’s easy for that inner voice to pop up with something negative to point out, often causing us to feel like a failure.

It’s about time we stand up for ourselves and change the negative to the positive.

Negative self-talk can decrease motivation and confidence, increase stress and mental or physical pain, and suppress the immune system. It kills our creativity and attracts negative people and experiences. It limits your possibilities and potential.

Positive self-talk is exceptionally beneficial. However, positive self-talk takes a conscious effort and is not instantaneous. Positive self-talk will improve life satisfaction, enhance the immune system, and improve cardiovascular and overall health while decreasing mental and physical pain.

The concept of positive self-talk can seem unnatural at first, but it can bring joy and a new quality of life, a new approach. Life will open up with the freedom to love you, not worry about what others think, and find yourself enjoying their company.

You begin by taking the time to recognize negative thoughts, evaluate your surroundings from another perspective, and not criticize yourself unnecessarily.

Then remind yourself that you can get caught up in the negative, acknowledge these feelings, and work to overcome them by finding some positive reality to focus on instead of rerouting your feelings.
Now challenge the negative by considering its validity.

Is there a different way to look at the situation? There is still a positive aspect of life; it’s not always easy to see. Explore your reasons for your inner feelings. Please write down your thoughts and perhaps discuss them with a friend or therapist.

Embrace this new positive way of thinking by challenging yourself to think of two positive aspects about yourself every morning. Write them down and remind yourself of them when you feel low.

It takes time, so you must continue reminding yourself of your worthiness and appreciation of life. You are your top priority. Welcome to your new self.