April’s Super Full Moon AKA The Pink Moon

This lunation is also deemed the “Pink Moon,” and it’s a powerful one.

Out of all the lunar cycle phases, full moons are the energetic high point of the moon’s monthly travels through the zodiac, taking place right smack in the middle of the lunar cycle. These lunations are known to profoundly affect the way we act, feel, and even sleep.

So when will we experience the next full moon? The April 2021 full moon, also called the Pink Moon, will be the first supermoon of 2021 — and it will be rising on April 26 in the mysterious and deep sign of Scorpio. This moon’s energy will help us examine the truths hidden from view and to see beneath the surface of our lives. As the sign associated most with transformation, Scorpio energy can help us get rid of our emotional baggage to make space for growth, so don’t be scared to face your feelings.

Because full moons occur when the moon forms an opposition aspect to the Sun, they almost always occur in the sign opposite the zodiac wheel to whatever sign the Sun is currently in. For example, the full moon of Leo season will be in Aquarius, while the full moon of Virgo season will be falling in Pisces. The balance between these two meeting planets is what shakes everything up and amplifies our emotions during this time.

Read on to see how full moons influence all zodiac signs during each lunar cycle, as well as the duration of every full moon that will be coming in 2020.

Full Moons Can Keep You Awake At Night

The lunar energy is thought to be at a high point during a full moon, which can subsequently make us feel more energetic. Research has revealed that people may take a prolonged time to fall asleep, sleep fewer hours, and rest less deeply throughout a full moon — and once you do fall asleep, you may be more prone to have intense dreams or even nightmares.

You’ll Be More Emotional.

The moon in astrology is what rules over all of our emotions, feelings, and vulnerabilities. So when it reaches its energetic peak (and creating a tension-filled opposition aspect to the Sun), we’re much more likely to feel our emotions in a tumultuous and intense way. Be careful of falling victim to an explosion of full moon feelings.

Full Moons Can Make You More Social

While new moons manage to make us feel more solitary and introspective, full moons have an adverse effect. During these times, we’re more inclined to focus our energy on interpersonal issues and relationships. It’s hard-wired in humans to benefit from the extra light during the evening of a full moon, making some people feel more social.

Prepare To Feel Illuminated

Full moons illuminate the sky with their bold, bright appearance — but astrologically, they’re thought to illuminate our minds as well. Prepare for feelings, information, and ideas to come welling up to the exterior beneath the light of the full moon, and utilize it as an opportunity to put faith in your intuition.