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9 Signs of a Strong Woman

Everyone loves a strong woman. They are great role models for younger girls and can inspire change and action from those around them. In many instances, a strong woman isn’t just born. Instead, she is often the product of her situation and has chosen to rise above her struggles. From this, a strong woman comes into maturity. Check out the list below to see some of the common characteristics of a strong woman.


Strong women are often confident women. They are comfortable with their bodies and are secure in their intelligence. Strong, confident women are not afraid of confronting challenges, often embracing them as a chance to learn and grow. Confident women are not dependent on others to find their self-worth; they know it already.


Often, people assume that a strong, independent woman wants to be single. However, this is often a great misunderstanding. Yes, strong women are usually independent, but that doesn’t mean that they want to be single. Instead, being independent means that they are self-sufficient. They are capable of figuring things out and doing things for themselves. Being a strong, independent woman means that a woman doesn’t need to rely on others for help.

Know when to Ask for Help

Being independent and not reliant on others for help doesn’t mean that a strong woman never needs any help. Instead, a strong woman knows her limits and isn’t afraid of asking for help when she needs it.


Strong women tend to be passionate about the things that they care about. This means that they are not afraid to stand up for what they believe in and are willing to give 100% to everything that they do.


Being honest is another trait of strong women. Strong women are usually comfortable with themselves and are confident enough, to be honest with their opinions. Strong women typically don’t have time to play games, so honesty is a must.

Respects Herself

Strong women have a lot of self-respect. They know their own value, either in relationships, friendships, or the workplace, and are not afraid to stand up for themselves. Strong women will not allow themselves to be taken advantage of.


A strong woman is a very responsible woman. She knows what she needs to do, and she gets it done on time. A strong woman holds herself and others accountable for her actions and her mistakes. A strong woman not only takes responsibility for her actions and mistakes, but she also tries to fix them if they hurt others.


A strong woman has a lot of perseverance. This means that she will not give up easily and will work hard to get what she wants. Perseverance and passion give a strong woman an unstoppable power that allows her to take control of her life and guide her to her goals.


Being self-aware can be hard, but a strong woman tends to always be self-aware. Strong women know how their actions and words can affect people. Being self-aware also means understanding how your thoughts, words, or actions align with personal beliefs. This ability to be self-aware allows strong women to be true to themselves and to those around them. Being self-aware also allows strong women to recognize when they need a break and take time for themselves.

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