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7 Compelling Signs That Your Soul Has Been Reincarnated

Reincarnation is the idea that a soul lives many lives. When you die, your soul enters another body, and then the cycle continues when that body also perishes. Have you ever wondered what lives your soul might have lived? Or maybe you are new to the idea of reincarnation and want to know what proof might be available. The following 12 signs may help answer your questions about your past lives, or compel you to start investigating the idea of reincarnation.

You keep having the same dream

Dreams are a reflection of the things you have seen in your waking life. Every face in your dreams is a face you have seen somewhere, even if it isn’t one you actively recognize.

Because of this, if you have vivid, recurring dreams that you don’t recognize from your own experiences, they might be from your soul’s past life. Does your recurring dream occur in a different time period? Do the events of the dream happen the same every time? If so, you may be experiencing a moment from one of your soul’s past lives.

You have highly developed intuition

Intuition is the innate knowledge or wisdom that seems to magically sway us in the right direction. Intuition may tell us to avoid a person or situation, or it can even act as a human lie detector for those with highly developed intuition. Our brains are constantly picking up on signals like body language or tonal changes, so it makes sense that we can’t always articulate what we know. Though everyone has some form of intuition, those with a reincarnated soul may have a very highly developed intuition. After many lifetimes of interactions, you begin to better pick up on signals because you have “seen it all” before. Thank your past lives for learning the hard lessons for you and try to trust your intuition whenever possible.

You feel everything, strongly and deeply

Empaths are people who can feel very deeply the feelings, or even energies, of others. Due to their highly developed sense of empathy, empaths frequently physically feel the emotions of others. Those with strong empathy may find it very difficult to be in crowded spaces or places of tragedy because the amount of emotion in the area can overwhelm the empath. Empaths always want to help and will find it very difficult to turn away from the suffering of others without offering help. Because empaths often ignore their own problems to heal the world, it is quite possible they have an old soul that has outgrown the common selfishness of a new soul. By experiencing lifetimes of your own tragedies, it becomes easier to empathize with others through theirs.

You are an “old soul”

“Soul Age” theory argues that reincarnated souls acquire age that then comes through in our personalities. I recently learned from my mom that I refused to learn to ride a bike as a child because it was “dangerous” and “not worth getting hurt.” I always related better with adults, and frequently didn’t enjoy the same things as others my age. As an adult, I’ve come to realize that this was less introversion and likely more because of my old soul. If you are an old soul, it means your soul may have been reincarnated many times. If you have a new soul, you are likely to retain that youthfulness throughout your whole life.

You feel drawn to a specific time period or place

Did you grow up with an unexplainable affinity for a certain time period, culture, place, or profession? It is possible that you were feeling the desires of a past life. When we feel a pull from a previous life, it usually indicates that it was a very happy life. Part of your soul is still longing for a life it misses. This longing can present itself as a connection to anything, so listen to your soul when something makes it sing.

Try to incorporate elements that your soul longs for into your life. If you feel particularly drawn to the art deco period, try adding a Kit-Cat Klock to your kitchen, or embrace the current resurgence in art deco style jewelry. Your soul misses its previous home; comfort and nourish it by giving your soul a connection to its cherished past.
-You feel homesick, even when you are at home
Have you ever felt homesick while in your home? You may be physically in the house you grew up in, but something just feels off. You yearn for something unexplainable, and just want to feel at home, but you have no idea where that may be. If you understand this feeling, you may have a reincarnated soul. This yearning could mean that your soul misses a particular place or time from a past life, or it could mean your soul is tired. After many lives, souls begin to yearn to rejoin the origin of souls on the other side. Listen to your soul and try to do things that make you happy; you can create a new home by helping your soul thrive.

You carry unexplainable fears or aversions

Old souls may carry trauma with them into their new life. Intense experiences can leave marks on a soul that shows up in later lives. Are you terrified of the ocean, but have never left Kansas? Or maybe you shudder at the sight of a train? These unfounded fears could indicate a reincarnated soul that is still struggling with a traumatic event. Help your soul in this and its next life by working through your fears with a therapist.