Signs Your Partner Might Be An Old Soul

Every once in a while, you might hear someone describe a friend or partner as an old soul. But what exactly is an old soul?

Old souls are generally thought of as younger people who see the world through an older person’s eyes. They tend to be wise beyond their years and are not caught up with things that usually attract people their own age. Old souls are typically more grounded in their beliefs and are not afraid to go against the grain. Here are some signs that you, or your partner, might be an old soul.


Generally speaking, old souls are homebodies. They would much rather stay at home, either by themselves or with their partner, than go to a party. To an old soul, nothing is better than relaxing at home. While old souls still go out, they tend to return home as soon as possible and do not go out to parties, concerts, or crowded events regularly.


People who are old souls tend to thrive in solitude. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they want to be alone or never be in a relationship. Instead, this means that they are comfortable being by themselves. Old souls tend to be happier alone than with a large group of friends.


When we are in a relationship, sometimes we look for grand gestures of love and affection. We want someone to go the extra mile to show their love for us. This is not the case with an old soul. Instead, old souls value the little things, like remembering to take the trash out, leaving a short note on the counter before leaving the house, or randomly buying small gifts. If you think that you are in a relationship with an old soul, try to notice all of the little things that they do to make you happy. It is often the little things that get overlooked but mean the most. While they might not be grand gestures, to an old soul, it is.

Special Friendships

Old souls are not ones to play games. Often, this means that they have only a small number of close friends to cut out fake friends. While many people see this as being anti-social, it isn’t always the case. Old souls may not have many friends, but they are not afraid of meeting new people. Instead, they are very selective over who they let into their life. If they allow you in their inner circle, they must have felt or had a deep connection with you.


One of the most common thoughts about old souls is that they are eccentric. While this might be a bit of an exaggeration, old souls walk to their own drumbeat and have some unique ways about them. Often, their eccentric behaviors show through what many call old school behaviors and thoughts.


While old souls may have objects that impress them or collect, they are not generally impressed by material wealth or money. Usually, old souls are more impressed with a person and their actions and values than their wealth or material possessions.