5 Traits That Attract Women To Men

It may come as a surprise, but the traits that are attractive to women have less to do with physical attributes and much more about your demeanor and overall presentation.

Many men find that simple adjustments to their approach can easily increase their interest to and attract the women they want to meet.


In the real world, nice guys finish first, since women are openly attracted to honest men.

Confidence isn’t about showing off, it’s about being genuine, generous, and sharing mutual respect, all traits that women love!

Conversational Skills

Pick up lines are overused, often crude, and can reveal insecure personalities. Women desire real men.

If you feel the urge to approach a woman, keep it simple by introducing yourself.

Tell her, “I had an urge to introduce myself” and then see where the conversation goes, don’t force it, relax and be charming by being yourself.

Appropriate Hygiene

Although this may seem obvious, remember if you’re meeting a woman for the first time, presentation is everything!

Hygiene goes beyond just brushing your teeth and showering regularly; it also includes maintaining a proper diet, routine exercise, and even quality sleep.

However, gym addicts with perfect bodies need to ditch those stinky work out clothes. For the best impression, always present yourself in clean, freshly washed clothes.

Respectful Manners

Often overlooked, simple gestures like opening doors, pulling out chairs, and helping by carrying heavier items are all very appreciated by women and most people!

Yes, females can absolutely do all these things independently, but having a man who loves offering help can be a dream come true for most women.

Guy Bonding

Although it may not be obvious, studies have shown women think men are more attractive when they see them in a group setting.

Women report experiencing an undeniable attraction to seeing a man who loves his life and positively interacting with the people closest to him.

Follow these 5 simple steps, be yourself, and enjoy attracting women who are interested in you.