Compatible Sun Signs

Finding happiness is a continual pursuit. Understanding which sun sign you’re most compatible with will help you discover a long-lasting, satisfying relationship.

Understanding your sun sign and the sun sign of a potential partner can be very advantageous in deciding if your relationship has a chance.

Any blend of signs can get the job done for a couple willing to make it work. However, the compatible signs described in this post are ideal for enduring passion and open communication.

Leo & Aquarius

The Leo-Aquarius relationship maintains it’s balance because of Leos’ fiery passion and the calm of an Aquarius.

A Leo is very generous and wishes to glow for their partner. An Aquarius is calm and objective, supplying for Leo a sense of perspective on earth.

An Aquarius works well within a group. A Leo-Aquarius relationship is based on equality and equity. A Leo will ensure their loved ones get invited into an impromptu celebration, whereas an Aquarius will be sure there is enough food, beverage, and cash to pay for the event.

Taurus & Scorpio

The Taurus-Scorpio relationship benefits from Taurus’ stable nature immensely, considering Scopio’s need for constant change.

With no Scorpio, Taurus may grow to be too set in their ways and fall into a cycle of stagnating laziness, which they’re entirely too comfortable.

Scorpio brings Taurus an unrelenting flame which assists Taurus to accept change and be more inventive.

Taurus calms the flame of Scorpio, allowing Scorpio to become grounded and much more concentrated on jobs.

Together Taurus and Scorpio are influential founders, receptive of change, and deeply intense. A Taurus may refuse to go out dancing since they have work in the daytime while the Scorpio will get Taurus to let their hair down once in a while.

Virgo & Pisces

The Virgo-Pisces connection is looking for the equilibrium between the religious and the bodily in our own lives.

A Virgo is practical, logical, and driven. A Pisces is a visionary, spiritual, and surrendering. Collectively, the Virgo and Pisces can balance the functional with the celestial.

The connection has strong potential for a profound, intense romance that gets better with age.

A Virgo will plan for retirement. A Pisces will understand the ideal holiday to consider when the bunch does retire.

Gemini & Sagittarius

The Gemini-Sagittarius connection is secure because both signs seek to collect new information, continually expanding their minds with new ideas. 

A Gemini can run into trouble because they find almost anything fascinating and frequently bounces from subject to subject. Sagittarius assists Gemini to gain attention and be less scattered.

Gemini will collect small bits of information about many topics while a Sagittarius will have the ability to see the broader perspective. The common goal of hunting knowledge unites them.

A Gemini will start many jobs around the house. A Sagittarius will ensure that the projects get done.

Cancer & Capricorn

The Cancer-Capricorn connection focuses on the care and perpetuation of life itself. Cancer is a mothering ally who encourages growth in others.

Cancer is a soul-nourishing companion and needs everyone around them to feel comfortable. Cancer experiences extreme emotional ups and downs, and they want Capricorn’s reassurance to feel emotionally stable.

Capricorn is the father figure providing structure, routine, and discipline to others with a rigid stroke.

Cancer is likely to be sure the kids have been fed, bathed, and tucked into bed for the evening. Capricorn will be sure the children finished their homework.

Aries & Libra

The Aries-Libra connection is powerful because, for a lot of Aries’ smug self-centeredness, Libra accomplishes this with self-sacrificing, empathy. They approach life with an abundance of optimism and confidence.

Libra’s deepest motives lie within their requirement to harmonize. Libra wants to focus on those about them and will keep an Aries in check.

An Aries will brush the friends of the couple off while the Libra will host a dinner celebration.

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