Everyone reacts differently to prescription drugs, some people experience serious complications, especially anyone over 50 years old.  

Unfortunately, the medical industry does not treat individual patents, most doctors base their recommendations on general symptoms.

Many health professionals are not familiar with the Beers Criteria,  a list of potentially dangerous drugs that can negatively affect Seniors.

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Sleep is vital to our health and although sedative drugs can help fight insomnia, prescriptions like Lunesta can be extremely dangerous for some Seniors.  

More evidence is needed to understand the possible side effects like confusion, drowsiness, anxiety, depression and even problems with memory.

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Celebrex is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory prescribed to over 11 million people every year to help reduce pain.  

However, some people, especially Seniors experience serious issues like abdominal pain, vomiting, increased liver enzymes, risk of heart disease and even heart attacks.


People who struggle with high blood pressure may be prescribed Vasotec, a drug that has been shown to suppress life-threatening events like hypertension.  

Unfortunately for anyone over 50 years old, specifically those already suffering from liver issues, Vasotec can cause severe complications.

Some Seniors experience side effects like swollen tongue and lips, headaches, nausea, drowsiness or insomnia, low blood pressure, and even liver dysfunction.

Woman's hand pours the medicine pills out of the bottle

Avandia / Actos

Diabetics need reliable and safe drugs to manage their blood sugar every day.  

Although diabetic medication affects everyone uniquely, certain Seniors suffer from side effects like increased risk of bone fractures, high heart rate, yellowing of skin and eyes, vomiting, heart failure, and even bladder cancer.  

Although prescriptions for diabetics are necessary, equally vital is mitigating heart risks and cancer especially in anyone over 50 years old.

Woman's hand pours the medicine pills out of the bottle


Mirapex is a medication prescribed every year to about 1 million people suffering from Parkinson’s disease.  This drug can help reduce shaking, tremors, spasms and positively improve poor muscle control.

Unfortunately, severe side effects can also occur, like increased muscle spasms, weakness, confusion, insomnia and even problems with memory, especially in Seniors.