Upset young couple sitting on sofa at home, having conflict

3 Reasons Strong People Attract Difficult Relationships

Sometimes it can feel like the stronger you are, the more you have to bear. Do you feel like you are a strong person who always attracts difficult relationships? The following reasons might be why.

You are always helping others carry their baggage.

Because you are the strong confidante who can handle the heavy stuff, many people are going to want to unload on you. Though you can take it, you don’t have to. Be careful when choosing a partner; those who thrive on drama are looking for someone to bear the problems they create. We all have baggage. Look for relationships with those who have accepted their baggage and take action to resolve their past traumas. The person who takes responsibility for their past is the person you want to share the weight of life with, even if that means you might have to do a little extra heavy lifting to help.

You are always someone’s crying shoulder.

Whenever a friend is experiencing grief, you are the shoulder they cry on. Those who know you realize that there isn’t anything you can’t handle, and will express their raw pain to you, no matter how graphic or vulnerable. This lifetime of experience makes you adept at navigating tough situations, so others seek you out. When choosing a partner, be sure to find someone who can understand that you fill this role for your friends, and will accept your generosity as a virtue instead of a betrayal.

You were the soulmate of every partner you’ve had.

Strength lets you bear an incredible amount for those you love, and that can make you seem like the perfect soulmate to previous partners. Because you bear so much without getting emotional, those who love you can sometimes make up their own perception of the relationship. You become everything they were looking for, whether it was actually true or not. The pressure of being someone’s ideal is draining, especially when you don’t feel the same way. Do not get discouraged; you will find someone who complements you and becomes a perfect fit. Be careful of getting into one-sided relationships, especially those in which your partner has no interest in knowing the real you. Keep authentic relationships and share yourself with others instead of just listening; you may just find your soulmate.