10 Ways To Banish Negative Energy From Your Home

Do you constantly feel emotionally and physically unwell without any real reason?

For example, you might be feeling anxious out of the blue or suffer randomly from headaches?

In that case, it can be caused by the negative energy stuck in your house!

Indeed, our space can accumulate negative energy caused by either specific details in the space structure itself or certain emotions and human experiences.

And it is possible to get rid of that negative energy from your home.

Why Is It Important To Clear Your Space?

Our houses are an extension of ourselves — for better or worse, affecting us on many levels. It can sabotage your success and cause problems with health.

And to remove negative energy from your life, you have to banish negative energy from your home.

Remove Or Repair Broken Things

Broken objects retain negative energy.

If an object is irreparable, it serves no purpose but exudes that it is in a negative or “stuck” state. Instead, take care of, clean, and maintain existing, working items in your home — furniture, clothing, plants — and see the difference it makes to your psyche.

Carefully Light Some Incense

This fragrant smoke has been a spiritual practice used to restore life to a dull space for a long time. Bonus, it smells great, too.

Incense helps heighten energy as its properties create a serene and calm atmosphere. And you need to use them in a clean home for meditation.

Let In A Breeze

The first step to getting negative air out of your house involves nature. Open up all your windows or, at the very least, the ones that allow the most air to come in. Fresh air helps to “air out” and move any negative energy.

Stagnant energy can be stifling, so be sure to get the fresh air flowing (and shake out your sheets and pillows, too).

Smudge Your Entire Home With Sage

A popular Native American technique for getting rid of negative energy is using sage. The smoke of the burning sage removes impurities and cleanses the air — both metaphorically and literally.

You should always begin at the front door and move around the rooms in a clockwise fashion.

After “smudging” the whole home, visualize your intentions for your home as the smoke fills every corner.

Protect Your Space With Crystals

Different energies are held by different crystals, and certain crystals are perfect for fending off negative energy.

Rose Quartz replaces negative feelings and emotions with positive ones. At the same time, you should use Black Tourmaline to ward off and dissolve negative energy.

Try putting these crystals beside electronic appliances to equalize the balance of energy. Make sure to cleanse your crystals often of the energy they absorb.

Spray Orange Essential Oil Around Your Home

This fresh citrus scent will uplift your mood, revitalize your senses and home, and clear negative energy.

Just use it as an organic essential oil spray by adding a couple of drops into some water.

A quick spray of orange essential oil will breathe life into former heavy areas in your home.

Rearrange Furniture

Change is usually challenging — but it doesn’t need to be scary! A great way to freshen up your home is to play around with the furniture arrangement. This could be as easy as changing the layout of two couches, or it could involve redoing an entire room.

Either way, experimenting with rearranging furniture every so often will help to give life to your living area— and it doesn’t cost a cent.

Ring A Bell In Your Room

Audio cues from just a single ring of a bell in each corner of the doorways and rooms help revive your physical space.

Use the bell’s tone to focus on banishing negative energy — and bringing in abundant energy instead.

Use Salt

Salt crystals have an amazing ability to absorb bad energy.

No wonder you feel so wonderful after going for a swim in the ocean or sea!

What is a great way to take advantage of the healing properties of salt? Put a Himalayan salt lamp up on your coffee table or bookshelf!

These salt lamps have many healing benefits and can also act as an appealing home accent.