10 Signs of an Emotional Affair

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Friendships are always meaningful. However, sometimes they can go too far and lead to what many call an emotional affair. An emotional affair is one where someone devotes more time and emotional energy into a relationship outside of the one that they are currently in and receives emotional support from someone who is not their current partner.

While these seem like innocent friendships at first, emotional affairs can be disastrous to your relationship and might even lead to a physical affair. Below are 10 signs that your partner might be having an emotional affair.

A Distracted Partner

One sign of an emotional affair is a distracted partner. This means that they may be easily distracted from their tasks at hand, become more absorbed into things like their computer or phone, or forget things that they had planned with you or their other friends.

A Secretive Partner

Your partner might be having an emotional affair if they become more secretive around you. They may hide their phone or computer. Some partners may even conceal where they are going, who they are with, or what they are doing.

A Defensive Partner

Your partner might become very defensive if they are having an emotional affair. When you question them about their affair partner and other friends, their plans, or their changes in appearance or moods, your partner might get overly defensive and offended at your questions.

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