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10 Signs Of An Emotional Affair

Friendships are always meaningful. However, sometimes they can go too far and lead to what many call an emotional affair. An emotional affair is one where someone devotes more time and emotional energy into a relationship outside of the one that they are currently in and receives emotional support from someone who is not their current partner.

While these seem like innocent friendships at first, emotional affairs can be disastrous to your relationship and might even lead to a physical affair. Below are 10 signs that your partner might be having an emotional affair.

A Distracted Partner

One sign of an emotional affair is a distracted partner. This means that they may be easily distracted from their tasks at hand, become more absorbed into things like their computer or phone, or forget things that they had planned with you or their other friends.

A Secretive Partner

Your partner might be having an emotional affair if they become more secretive around you. They may hide their phone or computer. Some partners may even conceal where they are going, who they are with, or what they are doing.

A Defensive Partner

Your partner might become very defensive if they are having an emotional affair. When you question them about their affair partner and other friends, their plans, or their changes in appearance or moods, your partner might get overly defensive and offended at your questions.

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Avoiding the Relationship

When someone is having an emotional affair, they might avoid their relationship altogether. They might not be putting in the efforts that they once did and avoid responsibilities in their relationship. People who are having an emotional affair might also physically avoid or ignore their relationship partners altogether.

Avoiding Intimacy

A big part of many relationships is intimacy. However, when someone is having an emotional affair, they might avoid intimacy with the partner they are in a relationship with. This avoidance of intimacy can happen in any aspect of the relationship, from avoiding conversations, conflicts, closeness to their partner, and physical contact.

Avoiding the Truth

One sign that your partner is having an emotional affair is if they are avoiding the truth. While your partner might not outright lie to you, they may say things like they are just friends with their affair partner or that they don’t understand the issues you might have with their emotional relationship with someone else.

In these instances, your partners might not intentionally be lying to you, but they may be lying to themselves about the nature of their emotional affair.

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Spending More Time With Someone Else

If your partner is having an emotional affair, they might want to spend as much time as possible with their affair partner. Sometimes this includes making excuses to work late to be around them, making changes in their schedules, and canceling their other plans.

Complaining About Relationship Partner

Every once in awhile, partners will complain about each other. However, this can be amplified then someone is having an emotional affair. They might start to complain about things that previously didn’t bother them and can be overly resentful when complaining or criticizing their relationship partner.

Comparing Partners

Often times, when people are in emotional affairs, they say that their affair partner is just their friend. However, things might be more serious than they are letting on if they start comparing you to their affair partner. This includes comparisons between your actions and reactions, your appearances, your moods, and even how you make them feel.

Changing Their Appearance

When people start new relationships, they can sometimes begin to act differently. This is also the case when it comes to emotional affairs. People who are engaged in an emotional affair might start changing how they dress or their physical appearance through diet and exercise.

These are just some of the signs that your partner might be having an emotional affair. If you think that your partner is in an emotional affair, talk with them about your concerns, and seek professional help if you feel like it is necessary to overcome some of the difficulties in your relationship.