Your Love Language, By Zodiac Sign

1. Gemini

Primary Love Languages: Acts of Service & Words of Affirmation

There are reasons why people love being around Geminis. They’re charming, dualistic personality and chatty nature make it simple for Geminis to work a room and chat with anyone. The direct way to a Gemini’s heart is through adventure and intelligent conversation. Otherwise, you run the chance of boring them. And once a Gemini loses interest, their provocative side will drive them into someone else’s arms. They flourish off being told how you truly feel, especially the way you show it through action.

2. Cancer

Primary Love Languages: Quality Time & Words of Affirmation

Cancers are sensitive, nurturing and will love you completely, even if it’s to their disadvantage. They feel most secure at home, so spending quality time with their companion is perfect for the Crab sign. But because they are overprotective and loyal, their affection and love can come across as clingy. However, sincere and kind words of adulation will surely win them over.

3. Leo

Primary Love Languages: Acts of Service & Gift Giving

Ah, the generous and brave Leo. The creative Lion of the zodiac flourishes off taking risks and exuberance. They love flattering compliments and grandiose gestures in relationships, but they’re not easily fooled by praise and empty words. On the opposite side, a Leo is at their best when they can assist people in need. When dating a Leo, anticipate being spoiled, but just know that they require the same kind of attention (and gifts!) right back.

4. Virgo

Primary Love Languages: Quality Time & Acts of Service

Incredibly conscientious, organized, and responsible, a Virgo tends to obsess over the smallest of details. But that super-obsessive attention to detail is what makes them excellent partners in life and love. They possess an intrinsic desire to be of assistance to others. But don’t expect them to react positively when you attempt to return the favor or when you try to win them over with mushy affection, money, or gifts. Sure, Virgos can be quiet, mysterious, and difficult to get to know because they’re so guarded. Nevertheless, once they know they can trust you and reach their high standards, they’ll open up to you instantly.

5. Libra

Primary Love Languages: Acts of Service & Words of Affirmation

The strategic Libra is all about balance. People regularly flock to Libras because they’re sociable, naturally charming, and reflective. In fact, a Libra is at their best when they’re on a team or in a relationship. Libras are the most romantic and kind-hearted among all the zodiac signs, demonstrating why they’re inclined to do anything to satisfy their partner. Still, when out of balance, a Libra can be very temperamental. Libras normally respond best to admiration and flattering words about their traits and qualities, but they’re skillful listeners too.

6. Scorpio

Primary Love Languages: Physical Touch & Quality Time

Passionate, intense, and remarkably emotional, Scorpios are the most intense bunch in the zodiac. Because Scorpios are so great at plotting and hiding how they actually feel, it can be hard to get to know them. But regardless of their flaws, Scorpios still possess a magnetic aura and electricity that’s difficult to resist. For the ordinary Scorpio, it’s more about quality than quantity, so showering them with extravagant gifts won’t impress them. However, physical affection, intimacy, and sex will.

7. Sagittarius

Primary Love Languages: Physical Touch & Gift Giving

Sagittarians are free-spirited, optimistic, well-traveled, and ambitious, explaining why they avoid being tied down. Suppose you’ve found yourself in love with a Sagittarius. In that case, you’ll have to get used to their flighty nature, bluntness, and no-strings-attached approach. But once you understand that a Sagittarius will be hard to pin down, at least in the opening stages of the relationship, you’ll never have to experience a dull day by their side. A Sagittarius also flourishes off spontaneity, particularly during sex.

8. Capricorn

Primary Love Languages: Quality Time & Acts of Service

Capricorns are really grounded and work especially hard to reach their full potential and goals. As you might imagine, pursuing a romantic relationship isn’t Capricorn’s top priority. More reserved and quiet, Capricorns tend to command by action, not words. But because of this instinctual nature to keep their feelings to themselves and be alone, a Capricorn needs to be raised up with words of support. But more than anything, they require someone who will be just as loyal and devoted to them as they are to their lovers.

9. Aquarius

Primary Love Languages: Acts of Service & Words of Affirmation

For lack of better words, Aquarius is the most unique zodiac sign. Aquarians are rebels without a cause, but their stubbornness and unwillingness to submit are also what makes them extraordinary and far ahead of their time. Though Aquarius can be distant and unpredictable, they’re also empathetic and kind, leading with their compassionate heart. They love chatting with people and learning what makes them tick. On the other hand, they normally could care less about what others think of them and are hesitant to reveal their genuine feelings. To win over an Aquarius, you must give them their freedom and space.

10. Pisces

Primary Love Languages: Quality Time & Acts of Service

Pisceans are intuitive, imaginative, and friendly, making them the most kind of this zodiac bunch. This can additionally be their downfall. Because they so easily absorb the emotions of those circling them and can readily adapt to their conditions, Pisces-born individuals manage to be taken advantage of in all types of relationships. They frequently see things as they would like them to be instead of how they actually are. Ever the hopeless romantic, Pisceans do not want to be alone. If you’re trying to get on their good side, apply yourself to them and give them your all when it comes to romance.

11. Aries

Primary Love Languages: Quality Time & Words of Affirmation

Strongly independent and a go-getter, Aries loves being showered with compliments and attention. The Ram isn’t scared to go after what it wants, in all matters of the mind and heart. This sign enjoys being on both the giving and receiving end of appreciation. While they love to talk about themselves and have bae murmur sweet-nothings in their ear, they also make exceptional listeners.

12. Taurus

Primary Love Languages: Physical Touch & Gift Giving

It’s no secret that the strong-willed and dependable Taurus has a love for the more expensive things in life, whether that’s physical pleasure or expensive gifts. The Bull is very sensuous and loyal to its partner, and confident in its relationships. Tauruses tend to seek out personalities who have exquisite style and taste and love material objects. This clarifies why they favor doing the gift-giving rather than receive anything less than magnificent from others. They’d rather you just give them all of you, both physically and mentally, instead.

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