Us Weekly’s Petformers Awards: Vote for Outstanding Lead in a Drama!

Petformers Awards Best Lead Drama
Clockwise from top left: @Pavlovthecorgi, @gonetothesnowdogs, @bunnymelv and @kingbentleythebulldog. Clockwise from top left: Pavlov The Corgi/Instagram; Gone to the Snow Dogs/Instagram; Melvin and Bianca/Instagram; King Bentley/Instagram

It’s a ruff life! Us Weekly’s 2019 Petformers Awards are officially underway, and the four nominees for Outstanding Lead in a Drama are sure to blow your mind.

Celebrities Who Have Adopted Pets

Pavlov the Corgi leads a life of tail-wagging adventures that are documented on his Instagram page. Whether surfing, swimming or simply enjoying the beach, this cute pup knows how to have a good time. With more than 115,000 followers, Pavlov feels the love.

Celebrities and Their Pets

Kira is a gorgeous Siberian Husky who isn’t afraid to tackle the leaf blower — but she’s sure to put up a funny fight. The sweet canine loves belly rubs, and when she isn’t entertaining her more than 229,000 Instagram followers, she’s enjoying time with her pup siblings and owners.

Melvin is a “cage-free” and “litter-trained” house bunny from Sweden, according to her Instagram profile. Her fur looks as soft as the clouds and her little nose is always getting into something with her sister bunny Bianca. The siblings boast more than 200,000 followers and are the cutest duo around.

Celebrity Pets With Social Media Accounts

King Bentley is a bulldog with a lot of spunk! The pooch has no shortage or energy when it comes to swimming in his Hamptons pool — but isn’t always grateful. Bentley’s 133,000 followers love watching him and his pals lounge poolside and enjoy their doggy lives.

Vote for your favorites below — and also check out the nominations for Outstanding Achievement in Choreography, Outstanding Achievement in Costuming and Outstanding Lead in a Comedy. Plus, stay tuned for the full list of Petformers Awards winners!

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