Tracee Ellis Ross is creating a Daria spinoff about BFF Jodie, and we already have our DVR set to series record

(*)Tracee Ellis Ross is creating a Daria spinoff roughly BFF Jodie, and we already have our DVR set to series listing

It’s about time Jodie understands a spinoff. According to a June 13th press release by MTV, Black-ish star Tracee Ellis Ross is spearheading the adult animated series Jodie, respectively that will revolve around Daria Morgendorffer’s BFF in your cult classic animated show Daria.  Is it just us, or can be the projecting really too fantastic to deal with \?
Like Daria, Jodie are a dry, satirical comedy, but this time it takes that vibe away from high school and in the post-college office. As Variety reports, we select up Jodie’s story as she enters her first job after school –a tech position (go women in STEM!) . Jodie’s former Lawndale High classmates are also slated to produce recurring appearances.
MTV initially meant to reimagine and create more episodes of the original Daria series, that conducted from 1997 to 2002. However, the system currently intends to expand the franchise into a few show, with Jodie function as the first recorded spinoff.
Based on Variety(****), Ellis Ross will not just voice Jodie Landon, but she will also executive produce–making it the very first animated series to star a black lady in over 20 years.
“I am thrilled to bring this project to life with MTV, equally as executive producer and also by expressing Jodie’s personality. Being in a position to give voice to fresh, feminist and unexplored stories of young girls excites me,” explained Ellis Ross stated in a press release via Variety.

“As a very cool bonus, #Jodie are the first adult animated show in nearly 20 years who will star a black woman.”– Tracee Ellis Ross (@TraceeEllisRoss) June 13, 2019

“We will feature a varied cast, comprised mainly of unapologetically clever and ambitious young female personalities who are flawed and vulnerable and funny and intriguing,” Ellis Ross continued. “It will be a clever, funny workplace comedy filled with comment about what from gentrification to gender to tech to call-out culture.”

Daria’s Jodie is ultimately becoming the spin-off she deserves, starring @TraceeEllisRoss– TV Guide (@TVGuide) June 13, 2019

We cannot wait to see Jodie come to fruition. And because Tracee Ellis Ross is such an icon, we know this series will be an immediate classic.
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